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Diverse Cultures And Traditions: Friendship And Loneliness in "Of Mice And Men.

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English GCSE: Diverse Cultures And Traditions: Friendship And Loneliness in "Of Mice And Men There are quite a few main friendships in the novel such as George and Lennie travel together wherever they go and they also care a lot about each other like candy and his dog that have lived with each other for a long time. George and lennie care a lot about each other, they travel around together, they care a lot about each other and they also share the same dream together. They need each other so they don't get lonely and for protection as well. Candy and his dog had a very good relationship as well because candy had taken care of his dog since he was a pup and the dog had also helped him out by herding the sheep's and the friendship worked with them taking good care of each other and not getting lonely When the time novel was set in, the Wall Street Stock Market crashed and people had ...read more.


There friendship also worked because took care of each other. Lennie is slow he doesn't listen to any one when lennie and George reached a pool George told lennie not to drink too much he told him to stop but he didn't so this part shows that they take care for each other. People were surprised that George and lennie were friends because they were no friends at that time people were alone and people also find the novel surprising because lennie is kind of dumb and people ask themselves that how can George stand lennie. At the end of the novel, George shot lennie in the back of the neck. This may seem that they don't like each other but George is doing the right thing because curley and his friends were going the shoot (lennie in the bottom so he would suffer a lot) but George shot him in the back of his head so he cant feel it so what John Steinbeck is saying is that George really does care about lennie. ...read more.


Curley is really weak in real he just shows off. Another one of the lonely characters is Crooks. He's the stable buck and he has a crooked back because a horse had kicked him there. He is the only black person and there aren't any black people in the ranch not even a black person in miles. At this time there was racism everywhere. Crooks was not allowed to go in the bunkhouse and he has to live on his own. All he does is that he reads books everyday he has some dirty ones on the top of the shelf. He was isolated from the other ranchers it had a big effect on him and so he demanded people to keep their distance and he kept his rights" You got no right to come in my room" This is my room. "Nobody got a right to be here but me". He told lennie that he was lucky that he has George he has no one no friends. Dipen Patel English 11 E ...read more.

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