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Do Animals Deserve Rights?

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There is a lot of talk these days about animal rights. Some people say that animals are animals. They don't have any rights. Write an essay in which you argue either for or against animal rights. 27/01/10 I don't believe that animals deserve rights and am going to argue against them. My first point is their lack of intelligence, most animals are incredibly simple they can see, hear and touch but that is about it they are unaware of their very own existence. I don't thinks such basic beings should be treated with any rights when they are ignorant of everything that is going on around them why should we treat them with such unreasoned kindness when they are such simple life forms. ...read more.


Imagine if animals always had rights we would not have be any near where we are today in our scientific knowledge. Breakthroughs in the curing of diseases such as cholera, influenza and polio can all be accredited to the use of animals in scientific research I believe the lives of millions of humans are worth a few simple animals life's. Thirdly in the animal kingdom we can see how animals behave for ourselves they are savage beasts fighting for survival. Most animals haven't got the slightest bit of morality and sense of right or wrong why should we treat animals with compassion and respect when they do not even treat each other with respect. ...read more.


So we cannot give animals such strong rights because it would make it nearly impossible to continue with our meat eating at the current rate it is so it would simply not work. In conclusion I do not believe animals should have rights mainly because they are so unintelligent they are not even aware of their own existence and because of their great use to science helping us cure the dangerous diseases of the past few and possibly the next few centuries. There is also the matter of the human need for meat which we could not continue with if animals had rights and lastly and least importantly the way animals behave in their own kingdom without morals or control. ...read more.

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