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Do Rita And Frank Have Anything In Common?

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English Homework Do Rita And Frank Have Anything In Common? In the book Educating Rita written by Willy Russell, it is a book based on the surrounding's of where Willy Russell grew up. Willy Russell grew up in Liverpool which is where the book of Educating Rita is set. There are many similarities between Frank and Rita. One of the things they have in common is addiction to cigarettes and drink. While Frank is alcoholic and smokes, Rita is addicted too fags. Right from the beginning of Educating Rita we can tell from the very first scene that Rita likes smoking. On page 16 she asks Frank "Can I smoke", he jokily responds by saying "Tobacco?." She then says "Here-d' y' want one?" Frank responds by saying "Ah I'd love one." Even though this is the first scene there is an instant connection between, and because of Rita simply offering a cigarette. ...read more.


On page 17 Frank says "Can I offer you a drink", Rita then mentions "Y' wanna be careful with that stuff it kills y' brain cells". This shows Rita is more aware of the potential dangers of smoking and drinking than Frank. He continues to make joke of the situation and in the end Rita has a glass of water. It is obvious that Frank has a major problem with drink as a lot of his students complain about his drunkenness in lessons and at lectures. This seems to be more of a problem than Rita's smoking habit. Another similarity Rita and Frank have is that they are both married. Rita is married to Denny. Denny hates Rita being on at the open university, Rita is a different person now and Denny does not like it. ...read more.


He hides a bottle of scotch behind the books. Also his alcohol is a well known problem however not with the students so much! So when the students complain about him, this is another reason for Frank to be angry at them! Your hear Rita's moans about her hairdressing customers start on page 23 and continue on page 24 of the book, she says "But they expect too much. They walk in the hairdresser's an' an hour later they wanna walk out a different person. I tell them I'm not a plastic surgeon...". This shows Rita gets fed up of customers like that. And she gets so many it seems she has lost caring, and the liking of her job. She hates people thinking like that, so she sort of gets revenge on them by giving them a bad haircut, or doing a poor service in hairdressing! She mentions how they want to be changed by simply by having a haircut, but Rita believes you have to change from the inside. ...read more.

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