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Do you agree that Animal Farm is as George Orwell describes it a fairy story?

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Do you agree that 'Animal Farm' is as George Orwell describes it 'a fairy story'? George Orwell describes the story as a fairy story on the first page (A Fairy Story) surely there must be a reason for this. First of all we need to ask ourselves a fundemental question. What is a fairy story? If it is a story that is set in a rural surrounding like a farm then Animal Farm certainly is a Fairy story. However there is more to a fairy story than that. For a start, Animal Farm has a certain element of an animal maintaining its specific characteristics. In real life, animals such as foxes are seen as cunning and sly, whereas animals like dogs are seen as loyal. This presentation of animals is common throughout Animal Farm.The pigs are also shown in the same way pigs are seen as greedy and selfish in the real world, and in the novel, it states that 'the milk and the windfall apples...should be reserved for the pigsalone' we can easily see from this that Animal Farm brings out the animals in their true characteristics but any typical fairy story would not usually share this veiw. A bear will not necessarily be giant and scary and a pig will not necessarily be greedy. A fairy story is written to be read by children. Obviously, this must contain certain characteristics, so that young children enjoy it. It should have a very basic plot, simplistic and nostalgic language and usually an old-fashioned linguistic style etc. ...read more.


Animal farm has approximately 200 to 250 words per page a child's fairy story has 30 per page. Adults have a larger concentration span they are capable of concentrating for a longer periods than children. A fairy story has a smaller quantity of words per page than an adult's book due to this. Animal Farm uses complex language 'casting a peculiar sidelong' on page 35, a fairy story does not use language of this sort a fairy story contains simplistic language of a young child's capability. 'A violent quarrel was in progress on page 95 of animal farm. A fairy story is trying to produce the impression of a safe and tranquil world. Animal Farm does not try to create a false impression of the world it portrays the exact state of affairs of the world we are in. Up till now all the listed points above have been the ways in which in cooperation Animal Farm and a child's fairy story contrast in both, how the ways they are written and who they aim to interest. Animal Farm also has analogous features and points to a Fairy story. On page 94 of Animal Farm Napoleon is able to converse with the humans, sitting around the table. Napoleon says, 'I will give you the same toast as before'. In the Fairy story Little Red Ridding Hood, the wolf can speak to humans. In this way Animal Farm is very similar to a fairy story. 'A long file of pigs all walking on their hind legs' on page 89 of Animal Farm. In Animal Farm animals are anthromorphised. ...read more.


The animals of the farm never stood up they never protested his dominant presence. Napoleon gained control of the farm and gave himself the position of being principal of the farm. The animals should have rebelled and driven napoleon away from the farm. A Fairy story is not written to inform children, it is written to embed morale point inside the child from a young age they learn how to act and remember the story for the rest of their lives. In The Three Little Pigs the morale point is when you execute a job accomplish it properly. The third pigs house was made of bricks it was hard to destroy, unlike the other pigs houses. I conclude, that even though Animal Farm does have a number of similarities with several fairy stories, these similarities are only really plots that help the story to flow, grasp and maintain the Childs attention through out the book from beginning to end. The actual structures of Animal Farm, the sentences the points that are used to form the style of a fairy story. These points do not feature enough in Animal Farm for example the opening sentence contrasts with the structure of Fairy stories, 'Once upon a time' the classic opening to any Fairy story is not the opening of Animal Farm. The contrast between Animal Farm and Fairy stories far outweighs the similarities. It is for this reason that I do not agree that Animal Farm is a Fairy story as George Orwell describes the book if Animal Farm were a Fairy story, it would include many more comparisons with Fairy stories both in plot and in structure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Eli Kauffman 1 ...read more.

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