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Do you agree with the poet of vultures that good and evil can exist side by side in nature?

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Do you agree with the poet that good and evil can exist side by side in nature? I believe that good and evil can co-exist in nature. Good and evil are two contrasting words, both of these words can be defined differently depending on the persons views and lifestyle although the overall definition of these words will be along the same lines of killing is evil and helping others is good . I also believe that good and evil work together in nature, to survive in the wild animals must prey upon one another in order to survive. Animals survive on their natural instincts that they have developed since birth to survive in the wild, in order to live one must kill something weaker to feed on. Nature is bound by the law survival of the fittest, the strongest and fastest animals eat the smaller and weaker creatures, to say it is evil for a wolf to kill a sheep is saying nature itself is evil. ...read more.


wayside street-shop and pick up a chocolate for his tender offspring waiting at home for Daddy s return by buying his child sweets and reminding himself that he has a family to support, and they(like the animals in the wild) without the support will die. The pair of vultures create a lot of irony in this poem, it shows the good and evil sides of these birds. On lines 7-8 the poem says nestled close to his mate an on lines 11-13 a dump of gross feathers, inclined affectionately to hers. Both these quotes show the strong companionship of the two birds and how in love, dependant and committed they are to each other. Those lines make me think that two creatures so devoted to each other could never do something evil. The poem then turns to the other face of the birds on lines 13-17 Chinua has written Yesterday they picked the eyes of ...read more.


The poem also reflects the poets feelings of war, they have considered both sides of the war and of each person, on one hand they are killing people and on the other hand they are following orders and protecting their country and family. The vultures show that the people fighting wars have to let go of their emotions during the war and how they are still the same person no matter what. To conclude, I strongly believe that good and evil can exist together in nature, good and evil balance one another out, when one animal dies another is born in it s place, when someone has suffered from a traumatic experience they can use it to help others in the same crisis, when a country is suffering due to war or natural disaster other countries unite to help re-build that country. You can always find something good from an evil occurrence. Sarah Jeffers 10E ...read more.

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