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Do you feel that Mercutio is seen at his best in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet?

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Do you feel that Mercutio is seen at his best in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet? To try and find out if Mercutio is seen at his best in Act 3 Scene 1 we must first explore all the scenes that Mercutio appears in. Once we have examined his personality and qualities we must then try and consider which scene he is seen at his best in. When we first meet Mercutio we see him as being calm and relaxed. He is trying to cheer up his friend Romeo as he is love struck. He shows he cares by saying 'Nay gentle Romeo we must have you dance'. The qualities that Mercutio portray are being kind and considerate. The tone of language that Mercutio uses is one of a very friendly and relaxed nature. He is not acting in a way that should attract attention towards him. He is very restrained and is acting in a 'normal' manner. Then Mercutio starts to mock Romeo by referring to classical references of love, because at this point Romeo is deeply in love with Roseline. 'You are a lover; borrow cupid's wings'. When Mercutio says this we admire him for his wit and cleverness but we don't like the way he is mocking his friend. By referring to words like cupid we automatically think of love which we admire. ...read more.


By mocking Romeo he is mocking his spiritual view of love. He refers to love and violent images to mock 'Alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead, stabbed with a white wrenches black eye'. He is talking about Roseline while mocking both her and Romeo. Here Mercutio become more original in what he says but unfortunately he still has the same view of love. Also in this scene Mercutio pokes fun at and critises Tybalt who is Juliet's cousin for his affected manner. 'The pock of such antic, lisping, affecting fantasticoes, these new tuners of accent.' This shows us that Mercutio doesn't like artificial behaviour. The language that Mercutio uses shows use that he has a very mocking nature and uses alliteration to do this. He also criticises Tybalt for his style of fencing he things that this is also fake 'he fights as you sing prick-song keeps time, distance, and proportion.' Mercutio thinks Tybalt fights as people sing it rehearsed like you would a song. The banter in this scene between Mercutio and Romeo show us the quick wit of Mercutio and yet again we seen the spontaneity he his so famous for. Mercutio and Romeo pick up on each others words and seem to turn them around and pun them into witty, clever sentences. We admire them both for their jesting view but Mercutio seems to have advantage and is able pun on words better than Romeo. ...read more.


When Romeo appears Tybalt straight away offers him the chance to fight but Romeo refuses because they are now related through marriage. Mercutio feels betrayed by Romeo and is disgusted that he will not fight him this tells us that Mercutio has a very honourable this is the first time in the play that Mercutio as shown us this side of his nature. We do admire him for this but we don't approve of his fighting nature. When Mercutio is stabbed he knows that it is a fatal wound he reacts by joking about it 'I am peppered,' even on his death bed Mercutio can still pun and make humorous comments 'They have made worms meat out of me,' and show us his witty nature. In this final scene we are extremely impressed with the way Mercutio speak because he still comes across as the same witty, spontaneous person we see him as in the rest of the performance, he is still punning and showing his the witty nature he has portrayed throughout the rest of the play. Having looked at all of the scenes that Mercutio appears in, we find that he is seen at his best in Act 3 Scene 1. This is the scene we find him at his wittiest, most humorous and also his most honourable. Even on his death bed his is able to mock and pun. Therefore we think this is his scene Mercutio is at his best in. Gillian Wareing ...read more.

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