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Do you think Rita changes for the better or for the worse and how does this affect her relationship with Frank?

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Do you think Rita changes for the better or for the worse and how does this affect her relationship with Frank? This script discusses the development of Rita's character. To see if her growth from an uneducated, ignorant girl to an educated sophisticated woman has altered her for the better or for the worse and how her relationship with Frank has been affected with her change in attitude towards life and education. From the beginning of the book we see Rita's eagerness about education and her determination to learn and achieve her goals, she refuses to accept Frank's unwillingness to teach her. We also get a sense of joy from her character's wild personality. Rita is very open minded and refreshing " Y' don't paint picture like that just so that people can admire the brush strokes". Rita's real name is Susan but she has changed her name to Rita after the author Rita Mai Brown. Her intentions were too immediately change her name after the author, unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong type of author, an author who wrote sexual explicit books. Rita is from the working class who is trapped in life and wants choice, she has little education and a poor job as a hairdresser and during the book we see how she tries to break free from ...read more.


Note the irony, Rita wants meaning and has no learning yet Frank has loads of learning and has little meaning in his life. I think Franks meaning in life is to have Rita in it and Frank knows that in order for Rita to pass her exam, then she must change and Frank is reluctant to change her as he sees her as being matchless; "You're a breath of fresh air". But Rita doesn't like who she is "I don't wanna be charming and delightful...I wanna talk seriously", she believes that by being educated her personality will change, people will respect her more and take her more seriously. As we go through the text we see that not only does Rita's character change but Franks also does. The development of his character is a result of knowing Rita. He begins as a stale old- fashioned, burnt- out alcoholic. But through Rita he progresses she tries to stop him from drinking and he becomes dependent upon her. As Rita begins to know what she wants in her life and to go somewhere her husband Denny has become jealous and doesn't fond of the 'new' Rita that is emerging "I see him looking at me sometimes and I know what he's thinking, he's wondering where the girl he married has gone to." ...read more.


Although he is going to live in Australia he does not try to make emends with Rita, he ignores the fact that she has visited him "For God's sake, why did you come back here?" We see that Rita has changed her attitude slightly, she has not altered completely, she remains educated but we see her old personality rising to the surface, "I chose, me." She understands that Frank has helped her a great deal, she doesn't know what to do with her life, she's passed her exams but isn't sure which path to take "I might go to France. I might go to my mother's. I might even have a baby." Rita has changed for the better and for the worse, she has become educated and also resurfaced most of her old personality. Frank and Rita relationship became weaker as time went on but at the end of the book we see that their old friendship has rekindled. Frank begins to appreciate Rita more, by letting her be her own women "I bought it some time ago- for erm- for an educated women friend- of mine..." and Rita also appreciates Frank for everything that he's given her, "All I've done is take from you I've never given anything." By Harriet Wilshaw ...read more.

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