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Do you think that Romeo and Juliet should have paid more attention to the advice of their elders?

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Candidate Name: Farhaana Ismail Candidate Number: Centre Name: Saint Andrews International High School Centre Number: MW100 Subject: English Language Genre: Drama or Play Assignment: Do you think that Romeo and Juliet should have paid more attention to the advice of their elders? Conditions: Unsupervised Date completed: 14/11/2002 The elders in Romeo and Juliet were Lord and Lady Capulet, the nurse, Friar Lawrence and Lord and Lady Montague. I think Romeo and Juliet should have paid attention to the advice of at least some of these elders. I think Juliet was right in ignoring the advice given by Lord and Lady Capulet as we see throughout the play Lady Capulet does not show any motherly love towards Juliet and she does not understand or know her daughter in any respect, also she seems very abrupt judging from the fact that in the beginning when she says "How stands your disposition to be married?" she broaches the subject so suddenly, it shows that Lady Capulet does not understand Juliet who is young at all. Also the second time Lady Capulet goes to tell Juliet that her wedding is fixed and Juliet refuses then after Juliet has being abused by her father, Juliet says to her mother "cast me not away!" but Lady Capulet says " Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee"; she heartlessly disowns Juliet for not listening to her. ...read more.


He also says" These violent delights have violent ends," he warns Romeo that rushing into the marriage would have serious consequences which as we know in the end is true. Romeo did not take notice of this piece of advice and if he had there might not have been and deaths but unfortunately he did not which was unwise. I believe if he did listen to the advice then he might have lived. It was a good thing Juliet did not take notice of all the advice the Nurse gave her. When Romeo is banished from Verona, the Nurse says "I think it best you married with the County." The Nurse thinks that should just forget about Romeo and marry Paris. She seems to have forgotten that Juliet is deeply in love with Romeo and that if Juliet marries Paris she would be committing bigamy and an enormous sin in the eyes of God. I believe Juliet did a very wise thing in not following that particular piece of advice. Romeo and Juliet fell in love at the time when both Montague's and Capulets were involved in a feud. When they met there was only place for love and peace but they still could not forget that around them there was only hatred; theirs was a forbidden love. ...read more.


This was just another one of Friar Lawrence's motives. Friar Lawrence had good intentions at heart he did not mean to cause heartache and pain instead he wanted peace and harmony between the families. I believe he advised the couple most wisely of all the elders. In the last soliloquy by Romeo he drinks the poison given to him by the apothecary, here it shows how hasty Romeo is, he does go to see Friar Lawrence to ask how Juliet he just accepts that he has "a dateless bargain with engrossing death!" like a little child he does not fight, he just gives up hope if he had been a little less hasty and taken things calmly and listened to Friar Lawrence advice in the beginning to go "wisely and slowly" then he might have been alive and so would have Juliet. I think if Romeo and Juliet had listened to at least Friar Lawrence's advice in the beginning, then they would have taken the desperate measures that they took; they would not have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their love. Instead of lying side by side dead in a tomb; they might have been standing side by side alive. It was the worst mistake they made by not listening to some of the advice they were given. ...read more.

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