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Do you wish you could see the future? - A short story

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Do you wish you could see the future? It was a small, circular, mysterious mirror. When Eric picked it up, he saw his crystal clear reflection, enhanced by the smooth, silver glass. He looked up out of the old boxes he was rummaging through to find the rest of his dimly lit garage. He could hear kids playing outside and he rubbed his hands together, trying to remove the sting of the bitter cold. He picked up the mirror, and took it into his house. It was a Midwestern winter, and the days were short, bringing cold nights whistled with the sounds of speeding cars flying down the motorway. Eric heard the piercing call from his mother. "Eric, we're going to McDonald's. What do you want us to bring you back?" Eric thought about it a moment, and responded in his low, heavy voice. "I'm not hungry right now. Go ahead." "You really should eat!" she yelled back. He didn't respond. Instead, he went into his room with the mirror in his hands. Eric had long been obsessed with the paranormal; reading books of ghosts, demons, and angels. It was in these books that he learned of foretelling the future through the use of mirror glass. ...read more.


He stared in amazement at the time. He must have been looking at the mirror for hours! He hung up the phone, and dropped to his bed. He woke up the next morning and flipped on the television. Gazing in a daydream like haze, he saw his friends twisted, wrecked car, just as it was in the mirror! He ran up to his room, and threw the mirror out his window. But as soon as the mirror left his hands, he felt as if someone had taken his soul from him. He ran outside, and got the mirror bringing it back to his room. Unbelievably the mirror remained undamaged. As if it were beyond his control he flipped of the lights, and chanted the words, making images appear before him. He dropped through a hole, casting himself into an indescribable trance. He lost himself in the vivid, watery images. He made a habit of this, forgetting his friends and family using the mirror whenever he wasn't eating or sleeping. It quickly became an addiction. One day he gazed into the mirror. He expected the normal images-things that would happen, victories in the night's baseball games, etc. Instead, something else happened. ...read more.


He went to answer the door and there stood his friend Bobby. "What's up man? Wow you really look worn down. Are you feeling alright?" Eric shut the door in pure disbelief. He then walked to the living room and there sat his mother on the couch, reading a magazine. " You wanted to talk to me?" "Yes, you know what you did last night?" she asked. "Um... I Uh..." "You forgot to take out the garbage. Deep breaths showed immediate relief for Eric. It was all just a dream, right? Everything was back to normal. To prove that it was all over, he went into the garage to look for this mirror that was in his dream. Up against the wall sat a few unpacked boxes, almost identical to the ones in his dream. As he began digging, he saw a circular mirror similar as he remembers. As he reached for the mirror he heard his mother calling for him. "What mom? What do you want?" "Do you want anything from McDonalds?" "I'm not hungry right now!" In those few seconds the mirror had disappeared without a trace. Was it all in the mirror or in the mind? Could it have been some sort of spiritual sign of some sort? Or did this kid Eric have a really creative imagination. Nobody will ever know. ...read more.

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