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Does Julius Caesar suggest that Shakespeare agreed with the Lord Bishop of Winchester?

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English Coursework Essay Title "Since then Princes can not be Gods by nature, being framed of the same metal and in the same mould that others are; It foloweth directly, they are gods by Office; Ruling, Judging, and Punishing in Gods steede & so deserving Gods name here on earth." A sermon preached at Westminster before the King and Queens Majesties...by the lord Bishop of Winchester (1603). Does Julius Caesar suggest that Shakespeare agreed with the Lord Bishop of Winchester? In this essay I am going to talk about Shakespeare's views and then decide if the play Julius Caesar goes suggest that Shakespeare agrees with the Lord Bishop of Winchester. In oreder to find out if William Shakespeare views do dagree with that of the Lord Bishop of Winchester I am going to dissus the Character of Julius Caesar and also describe Shakespeare's view on who is fit to govern. Shakespeare presents Julius Caesar as a powerful man, this is shown in the play, when Caesar has returned as a hero and a victorious general from a civil war between himself and Pompey, on arrival, Caesar is celebrated by the people of Rome, he is celebrate with processions through the streets of Rome and his statues are decorated by his followers. ...read more.


This shows how self important the character of Caesar is. Caesar's self-importancy is shown when Caesar presents himself as being powerful and god-like. "I rather tell thee what is to feared Than what I fear: for I am Caesar" (1.2.211) This quoteation shows Ceasar portraying himself as being powerfuls and god-like, saying that he does not fear anything and that he tells people what to fear. This self important view of himself ulimatly leads to his death as he goes to the senate believing he will receive the crown and become king but instead he is assisated. Caesar may show to people that he is powerful and does not fear any thing but in his privacy he is paranoid and inceure this shown when he orderes for a priest to sacrafice an animal to predict his future, due to Calpurnia, his wife dream and he is also scared of the thunder and lightning during the night. William Shakespeare had very uncommited views about who is fit to govern, I believe this because in th play Julius Caesar he leaves the audience with many questions but no answers. ...read more.


By presenting the plebians as a mob capable of violence and easily manipulated the establishment would feel Shakespeares words supporting the nessesary control of the monarch. Shakespeare has set the play in Rome so that any discussion that occurs from the play is safe, and that his ideas are shown on a stage and he can get away with his ideas by presenting them in a story. The audience can accept it as a story, a history lesson or as a serious debate on those who posses power. It is interesting that there are obvious similarities between the historic figure of Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeares Julius Caesar. Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was childless therefore after he was assasinated he had no heir, this led to instabilty within Rome, which ultimaly led to the occurance of a civil war. Queen Elizabeth was also childless and she had no obvious heir. In addition some people were feeling Queen Elizabeths power was becoming unacountable could William Shakespeare be suggesting that Queen Elizabet was vunurable to assasination? Thus, Shakespeare does not tell us about who he believes is fit to govern but leaves it with the audience to answer the queations that he raises. James Ware Mr Howarth ...read more.

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