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Does Knowing Public Figures Private Lives Matter?

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Does Knowing Public Figures' Private Lives Matter? The last time I saw a program about celebrity was about the Britney Spears case. She shaved her head. Seriously when I saw that on TV I was wondering "Who can possibly cares about what she is doing with her hair?" I am going to expose why people cares about celebrities life. Then I will show with some example that people identify themselves to celebrities. Also I will talk about people who are bored and do not have nothing much to do that watching celebrities. ...read more.


The new society model is based on people they seen on TV or magazines. People are also attracted by the creepiest and worse event, which happen in there favorite celebrities. People are asking for those news and celebrities give it to them. This preview point lead me to an other one which is how people can have enough time to devote to celebrities life. In fact people who are interested in celebrities life would like to be like them, it is what we seen above. ...read more.


Yes, people do not want to access to a higher standard of living they rather do something easier like dreaming on other people life. They rather lose their time, their money in something completely unproductive. People should know that they would get nothing from this stupid activity. To conclude, I would like to quote someone who understood the goal of life, Steve Jobs who said " Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else life" He is right the time is running and the sun will not wait for you to shine. So wake up, stop dreaming. It is time to act in your own life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Eng 130 ...read more.

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