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Does MACBETH change in the course of the play?

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Does MACBETH change in the course of the play? Macbeth is the thane of Glamis, one or maybe the bravest man in Scotland. Not only he is the thane of Glamis but also he has royal blood in him. He is a hero for the Scottish people because he ended up with victories in many battles and that's why he is so much respected and loved by the people of Scotland. King Duncan is grateful to him because Macbeth has always stand for him in the good and bad times and he knows that he will carry on like this because he is very trustworthy. The greatest ambition of Macbeth is to become the king of Scotland. ...read more.


As much as he wants to become king as much he doesn't want to this is because if he wants to become the king he has to kill the king and this what he never will do because he is always been loyal to king Duncan. But on the other side his wife lady Macbeth pushes and motivate him to assassinate the king and become him self the king THE KING OF SCOTLAND. He and his wife commit the dead when king Duncan is visiting their castle in Glamis. The next act of evil Macbeth commits is when he kills Banqou. His aim was to kill Banqou and his son together because of the prediction of the witches, which was in Banqou's favour because the witches told Banqou that his son will become the king of Scotland, and that's why Macbeth feels unsecured about Banqou and his son. ...read more.


His next enemy is Macduff; this is because when Macbeth was giving a feast when he became king, Macduff wasn't present on his feast. This is the reason for Macbeth to send his soldiers to kill Macduff, but Macduff has fled Scotland and the soldiers kill the wife and the children of Macduff. At the end of the play Macbeth is very fearful for the entire enemy he created for himself, his biggest fear is that Macduff will come and take revenge. And as he was feared and preparing himself for the worst, Macduff comes and attacks his army and enters his castle and challenges him for a one to one fight. During the fight Macduff keep on remembering the death of his wife and children and that's what gives Macduff the strength to fight Macbeth, and by chopping his head Macduff ends the tragic story of Macbeth. THE END Zabi Zamani ...read more.

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