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Does Reality TV really portray reality?

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´╗┐English Essay Does Reality Television really portray Reality? Where will we be without them? There are at least one found in each home. Some people would actually do anything to get on it, while others believe that some of them are a bad influence to young people? Still wondering what it is? The one and only program sent from the highest heaven to bring laughter to a number of people with all it?s bleeped out swear words and demented attention across the world. Yes that?s right, the amazing, and unique, extraordinary reality television. These shows have taken over our lives, from X-Factor to American Idol, some of them had the most bizarre names found in history for example, ?Get A Life? or ?Dog Eat Dog?. The reason for this is because the producers try to get attention for these shows by creating these names to make it stand out from the rest, so people would watch it which will give them more viewers. TV companies enjoy reality shows because not only do they get paid a lot but they are cheaper to produce and they captivate a lot of younger viewers along their journey which advertisers admire, and so adding more money throughout their process. ...read more.


Moreover, reality television shows are recorded live most of the time, so it leaves people with consequence as they will thrive to see the next part. Reality shows are being watched everywhere by everyone. I?m sure everyone?s heard of X-Factor? one of the most popular franchise talent shows in all of UK. This show is very competitive, and involves a lot of criticism. Is that what life?s all about? Where little, lonely, lost souls surrender under the tips of Simon Cowell?s high heeled leather shoes begging for a chance in the spotlight just waiting for him to give a one word answer, ?yes?; to make their ?dream? into reality as everything turns out to be very emotional at the end. There are over a thousand auditions played in this show from different cities all over the UK, although two thirds of these seem irrational and unorganized, almost like they were loaned money to act like such fools worldwide. Or is it just to gain their 5-10 minutes fame to get public attention and money? ...read more.


Mellisa continues to further explain about Alexandra?s behavior after the show; ?she hasn?t given me a penny?. As a result of this, it seems that Alexandra was just taking instructions from the editors and not being herself during the series, and so she had shown her true colours when she left X-Factor, and appeared as a careless character especially towards her family. In conclusion, despite the fact that reality television is an addictive source that gets you engaged into the program which helps you defeat boredom, and it?s a delightful way to get some time with your family on a Saturday night. It appears as though reality TV does not really portray reality. It all depends on how the producers/editors want things to work in order to get more viewers. As previously stated, with someone else there commanding or even taking control over you to do certain things, when in reality you do not have anyone giving you instructions on how to be yourself. You make your own decisions. - ...read more.

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