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Does Rita's education change her for the better or worse?

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Does Rita's education change her for the better or worse? Educating Rita is a play wrote by Willy Russell in 1980. Willy Russell was brought up in Whiston until he was 5 then moved to knowsley in Liverpool, this is where Rita is from. During the play Rite changes a lot. She grows up, learns to talk 'proper' and learns to self discipline herself more. This is obviously for the better as now she has got out of the poor and violent life and into the upper class of people. Rita starts off the play as an unmannered common liverpudlian. ...read more.


'Another lecture, smack. It was dead good though' this can only be portrayed as a positive reaction from how she used to be. 'Studyin was for wimps.' It is not just shown by her speech either .Also her image and mannerisms change. E.g. she wears smarter clothes and stops smoking for a period of time at least. The language also changes throughout the play from Rita. She goes from suburban talking girl to upper class lady. In scenes 1 and 2 she talks a lot of slang and shortened words. For example. 'Y should get on wit it' and 'poor sod' Her speech improves over the scenes as the events and themes progress such as Rita's social life. ...read more.


'She's great y'know dead classy. The flats unpretentious, just book and flowers everywhere' To a modern audience Rita would be classed as a strong willed girl because in today's society what Rita done is basically impossible. 'He burnt ma books' referring to her boyfriend. If a teenager from a run down place such as Brixton who had been brought up to fight and no manners told his mates he wanted to go to university he would be laughed at, punched and neglected yet Rita seems to push on past all these factors. So back to the question, I think Rita's education has changed her for the better and I think Willy Russell intended the audience to think that as well. Rita throughout from a Liverpudlian slum girl to a well educated women. BY Charlie Clark ...read more.

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