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Does the Left-Wing bias of An Inspector Calls decrease the dramatic tension

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An Inspector Calls Does the Left-Wing bias of An Inspector Calls decrease the dramatic tension In the play? Throughout An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestly is setting many Left-wing ideas. Priestly presents the right wing ideology in a bad light and the left-wing ideology, as a good role in society. The play is set in 1912 which is prior to World War I. The play was written in 1946 and criticizes the Edwardian era. During the play Priestly looks back at the faults of the Edwardian era. Priestly does not make the audience feel superior over the characters by having knowledge that they didn't. An example for this is that Mr.Birling believes that the Titanic is "Absolutely Unsinkable". The audience are surely aware of the fact that this statement is untrue. Another point that Mr. Birling brings out is that "there isn't a chance of war". The audience, once again, are know that this is untrue since the war had already taken place. At this point of the play, the audience feel as if every point that Mr.Birling says is questionable. Priestly tempts the audience to be smug by having Mr.Birling say "these little war scares" but on the other hand this is a criticism carried out to Mr.Birling. ...read more.


This is an unfair comment to use as he is being unfair to the characters as well as the audience since they might be involved with different religious values. He also connects religion and politics together and uses it as a threat which is extremely unfair since the two topics are completely different. Arthur Birling often seems to be happy with his family and business without a simple care for the working class. This is shown when he says "just because the miners came out on strike, there's a lot of wild talk about possible labour trouble in the near future. Don't worry". This remark shows the lack of care he has for his workers and that he only worries about his family's well being. Throughout the play J.B Priestly points out right-wing vices of the Birlings. Arthur Birling is shown to be conceited since he looks down at the lowers classes. Sibyl Birling is referred to as a snob. We see in Act one Sibyl is "her husband's social superior". She is more likely to look down on others to. She gives a negative attitude towards Sheila because of her social status and dismisses her when she implies for financial help. ...read more.


The message put forward in this play is that "everyone should look after everyone else". Through the whodunit genre the victim, Eva Smith and the hero, Inspector Goole are left-wing triumphs over the right-wing villains. However, we witness the Birlings influence over Eva smith. Throughout the play the inspector goes through each character's input, we see the effect that every character had on the victim which resulted in her suicide. The play showed how capitalists have bad characteristics such as selfishness but are not necessarily cold-blooded killers. This is another way to explain the message that Priestly brings out. Priestly portrays the working class sympathetically because he shows Eva to be the victim and eventually dies. Eva is not a passive figure as she does not want to accept money from Eric or Gerald when offered. However Priestly makes it hard for her to work her way up in the social hierarchy. An Inspector calls does have a left-wing bias. However, it's not so blatant as to think that communists are all good and capitalists are all bad. In conclusion to this the play is biased however it does not decrease the dramatic tension in the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? Oliver Sade English Coursework- An Inspector calls Mr.Katz ...read more.

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