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Dominic was a sixteen-year-old; he lived in a council house in Stockport.

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English Philip Matthews Dominic was a sixteen-year-old; he lived in a council house in Stockport. A few blocks away lived Mary she was fifteen and lived in a large detached house. They had been going out with each other for nearly a year now. On August the 17th exactly a year from the day they started dating, Mary told Dominic that she doesn't like him anymore and that it was over. Dominic had never been a calm person; he was like a volcano waiting to explode. As soon as Mary told him he erupted, she had told him over the phone as she knew he would throw a tantrum, she thought the worst thing he could do was hang up - which he did. After 5 minutes of finding out Dominics house was trashed. When Mrs Baxter returned from work to see her house smashed up. She hit the roof! She knew it was Dominic as he had done things like this before. ...read more.


Things didn't add up so the police went to Peter Jones, the local inspector. When Jones and his assistant Neil came to where the body lay in the hospital, Peter Jones took a good look at the body "What do you think he asked Neil as he examined the body, "Looks like murder to me" Neil replied. Peter gave him a look as if to say 'Shut up you stupid idiot.' Neil wasn't the sharpest knife in the draw but he did amaze Jones sometimes. 'Like a battery' Jones would say, 'full power sometimes, then his brain is dead, but after being recharged he's as quick as a hare being chased. "Yes its murder Neil, we already knew that, but we need to find who did this. I'm going to ask the doctor what he knows." A few days later Jones was sitting in his chair. "You know who it was, don't you?" Neil asked. ...read more.


"Disgusting" Jones murmured under his breath. Neil came up behind Jones to look at the pictures. "Bloody Hell Neil! You scared the life out of me" The photos were of Mary; there was a piece of paper attached to the photo that the doctor had written. 'Carol, Mary is now dead, I have made it as unsuspicious as I could. She would have pulled through if I hadn't given her a lethal overdose of drugs, the plan worked perfectly.' At the end was the name "Benjamin Black" Jones spoke the name as he read. Next to the photos was an envelope, which was what half the photos were in. The envelope had been written on with the name Carol Baxter... It was all a plan Jones thought, an evil, sick plan. Jones got the letter, photos and the envelope to the police as fast as he could. Carol Baxter you have been charged in conjunction with the death of Mary Thomas you will receive 25 years imprisonment. Benjamin Black you have been charged with the death of Mary Thomas you have been sentenced to prison for life! ...read more.

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