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Don't drink milk on Somerville road

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Don't drink milk on Somerville road "Welcome to Somerville", says Keith as he cruises past the sign in the fully loaded removal van. Keith just moved here from pilkington isle in the north of Carolina. "Mum", Keith mutters in a tired way, well they had been traveling for 16 hours non-stop. "Will their be any friends here for me to go with", his mother replies," well darling, I did see some people around here in the 4th grade, but sadly one of them was deceased by some chickens and then rats started eating him right infront of me, terrible sight, I nearly fainted". 2 days later when the reapers had moved in, Keith decided to go exploring, Keith Reaper was a weird young man with a short fuse and a exciting imagination. ...read more.


"Where do you think you are going with that babies drink, I think you should have some fun, I hate milk, my dad died in a milk factory, pure calcium poured on him followed by water, burns everywhere. I lost my way to get smack, and now I see you drinking milk, that's bad for you kid, very bad." With those words Keith shook, he knew that they where either going to beat him or give him drug. Drugs are terrible things Keith said to himself as he saw them coming towards him with a needle."Kid", the deep harsh voice boomed again."You have two choices, either drink this drink or take the medicine". ...read more.


So far every time they have been to court the witness has either been killed or withdrawn his statement, they know it was the yuppies but there has been no evidence to prosecute them. 1 Month later from being trapped in their house just incase the yuppies came after Keith again, they came out quickly got into the removal van and sped off. Never taking any chances of Keith being ill treated again they moved in to a tiny village called canvas in Wales where no yuppies where their to hurt Keith again. 16 years later Keith moved into his own house with a wife and kids in Somerville and became an undercover officer to catch the druggies and clean up the streets, whilst his mother and father lived in Wales for the rest of their married life. Michael Shipley ...read more.

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