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Don't get me started on smoking

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Please don?t even get me started on smoking, it?s just one of things that really irritate and confuse me. I mean, why do people feel the need to smoke? All it does is leads to cancer and death unless you?re a lucky person. There are a number of issues and concerns around smoking, the list is endless. I personally think smoking is one of the most pointless and pathetic habits therefore I?ve chosen to write an article about the subject to express my feelings. Firstly, don?t you just hate it when you?re sitting there minding your own business and someone next to you is smoking! The smoker?s residue is blowing in your face, I mean if I wanted to smoke I?d have my own cigarette I don?t need your second hand smoke thank you very much. ...read more.


Watch your skin go pale, sag and turn grayish and leathery. Expect yourself to look 10 to 20 more years older than your natural age, congratulations and have fun with that. However, I suppose some of the chemicals give you what a five minute buzz? But I don?t really think you can class that as a good buzz when you?ve got at least 4,000 chemicals in your cigarette such as rat poison, tar, bleach and cadmium (found in batteries) the list is endless! Just thinking about all those chemicals being in my body or yours and damaging our lungs gives me the shivers. All those chemicals, they?re not designed for a human beings, so why are you breathing them into your perfectly, advanced and lovely body? Moreover, there are enough adverts on television to show the devastating effects smoking has on the lungs and plenty of horrid pictures on the companies packaging to show the possible consequences, so why continue and act completely oblivious to these statements? ...read more.


heart disease, in-fertility problems and dementia is shocking, there are an outrageous number of different illnesses that are life threatening and horrifying yet people are so laidback about being addicted!? Which is something that I really don?t get?? I?d like to know the answer as to why a lot of people just don?t care about all these issue and possible life threatening illnesses. So that?s why you should never get me started on smoking because as you know, it?s just so dangerous and completely needless in all areas and yes I know it may be hard to give up the addition but please just take everything into consideration and think. Do it for your own safety and others around you as I promise you, your life will be better in so many different ways not forgetting you?ll feel 100% better about yourself and that?s for sure and we all want the best out of life, right? ...read more.

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