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'Don't Touch That Book'

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'Don't Touch That Book' It all began in 1901 in a small village on the outskirts of Tennessee. The village noticed that over the last couple of weeks some very loud bangs and some unexpected noises had come from a dark and mysterious house within the forest across the river. In the village there was a family called the Brambles. They thought it was necessary to investigate the noises coming from the woods. What they hadn't realised was that their eight year old daughter, Amy, was already playing in the woods near the strange house. As Amy was walking down to the house, she heard three disturbing cackles coming from the direction of the house. All this did was make Amy very eager to see what was inside the house. Amy started to get more and more anxious as she started walking closer. ...read more.


The villagers crossed over the river and stormed through the wood, burning everything in sight. The rage inside them was growing and they were ready to avenge the creature that had caused the terrifying screams from little Amy. The villagers had made there way through the trees and were now approaching a very strange looking house. It had huge dark black windows and a gigantic spooky looking door. The house looked old, neglected but most of all strangely mysterious. Mr Bramble pushed open the door. It creaked loudly and a gust of wind blew from inside the large hallway. The men felt the wind on their faces but still entered the house. It was dark, dusty and smelly but they knew Amy was inside the house somewhere. They moved down the hallway to find just one door without a handle. ...read more.


Mr Bramble and the male villagers returned to the village. Mrs Bramble was delighted that Amy had just got back safe she didn't want to no any details just know that she is safe. Mr Bramble thought it was appropriate that a feast should happen to celebrate Amy was back and that also that the terrible three witches have gone. The feast started with a huge up roar and everyone was enjoying himself or herself apart from Amy's older brother Lee, he wanted to see this so called witch book. Lee wondered down to the strangely looking house and walked inside. Lee walked slowly and quietly down the hall to the door that opened for his father where Amy was sitting. He walked inside all nervous and scared but he was determined to get this book. Lee found the book and thought "I wanna no what's inside" so he opened it but as he opened the book he heard three very old but clear voices say very loudly only four words "DON'T TOUCH THAT BOOK" Fraser smith ...read more.

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