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"Don't you worry love, you're only dreaming again." Margaret

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Derailed Saturday 11th May It had rained the night before, and mist was creeping in, like a soft blanket of cold steam. It was silent. The grim reaper was waiting silently for blood. Not even the birds dare tweet. The reaper lifts his hefty but swift scythe. Just as he is about to drop it... "Don't you worry love, you're only dreaming again." Margaret slides out of bed and plods off to fetch a glass of water for Daniel. She stared through the windowpane, and out of the four walls that she and Daniel call home. It was cold and wet, perfect weather for Ducks though. It had rained the night before, and mist was creeping in, like a soft blanket of cold steam. Maggie (as she likes to be called), twisted the cold steel, and a cold transparent liquid flowed out, making a racket as it hit the bottom of the sink. After filling her glass, she shut off the flow of water, and turned sharply around. Just as she did so, she nearly had the shock of her life. In front of her was a hairy ape, stamping towards her with half-closed eyes!! Maggie then put her arms around this beast, and told him to drink the glass of water and to get a bath. Maggie then turned on the TV and was pleased to see that her favourite quiz show was due on in about 15 minutes. ...read more.


Dan though nothing of it, only a bit of scrap paper, and got in his car. As he turned the ignition key and placed his luggage in the passenger seat, he felt a weird buttelfy feeling in his stomach. This was odd. Since dan had not exercised properly, he didn't have any problems. A thought raced across the vast screen of his mind. It might be a stomach ulcer. His had a history of them, but Daniel had been lucky for the past sixteen years. The thought diminished and he reversed his car and carried on. It was only a twenty-minute journey and it passed away quickly and with no problems. The car pulled up at the car park and slowly screeched to a halt. Daniel slid out, paid his two pay and display charge and jumped back in his car. He then practiced the difficult not so accent art of parking and slowly got out. The station was normal. The hustle and bustle of every day lime. Many of the passengers are businessmen and women probably going to work. Dan glanced at his watch, which said 8:30 am. There was time for a coffee. Just as he turned around to head for the caf�, a high-pitched squeal dived out of the speakers and into the maze that was Dan's ears. The squealing halted and the tannoy sounded. "Could all passengers for the train number 1365 Durham to London please listen. ...read more.


The dog came up to Daniel, sniffed his bags and then barked viciously at Daniel. Two officers immediately sprinted over and searched ferociously through his bags. Sure enough, there were drugs in Daniels bag, but they were legal and prescribed by Dan's doctor. The police officers apologised, helped Daniel to fill his bag, and the toddled over to their positions. The next obstruction was a portable metal detector. Everyone was strolling through it, speculating at what caused this annoying chaos. Dan strolled through it, just as everyone had, and then boarded the train. He got on the train, and stared down the aisle. He glimpsed the door to the first class lounge, and wandered down towards it. The first class lounge was spacious and well ventilated. The buffet counter was in the next carriage to the first class and smelt of common aromas such as pie and chips. The carriage had a slight stench of chip fat and an eerie glimmer of flickering light shed out of the broken bar light. Stepping back into the first class lounge, he looked at his ticket and observed the seat number 321. Daniel walked down the first class lounge, selected his seat and sat on it. He was tired and immediately fell asleep, never to wake again. The train was derailed and no one knows why. The press speculate about why the train was derailed and why there were armed guards at the station. The police won't let on either. The END ...read more.

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