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Dont get me started on little sisters Little sisters arent cute; theyre EVILPURE evil.

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Don't get me started on little sisters Little sisters aren't cute; they're EVIL...PURE evil. All they do is just make you mad by doing something purposely that you don't want them to do. How irritating do you find it when you get blamed for something you never did? Your sister does something wrong and guess who gets blamed- you! My SIS: Small, Ignorant Stalker. She is, 11 years old, completely out of control. She lies constantly, about everything like the time when my mum made a special cake for my grandma only and my sister ate it and blamed it on me! She is not a pleasant person to be around; as soon as she walks in the room she starts yelling and demanding things! How do you expect me to cope with someone like that? So, perhaps I should start with what my little sister does to me that makes me mad. She always makes me insane like yesterday. I woke in the morning, feeling the cool breeze of air on my face from my window and then guess what, I saw my sister. Great, just who wanted to start a lovely peaceful day with, my sister. She was burying... burying something. Something that was shiny and bright. ...read more.


She's horrible to me like the time when my grandpa had a guitar that I wanted but was too shy to ask, so I told my sister and she asked for herself and now she has a beautiful acoustic guitar in her possession. You see that's how my sister is like, just 'SICK'! I wish I could kill her, and I could really bring myself to hurt her but I'm scared my mum will disgust me or even kill me. We can't be in a room together for 5 minutes without bringing out the fangs and claws. She just drives me round the bend and she's such a little yap! She cries at every possible chance she gets and she is a complete liar. Everyone thinks she is 'bubbly, sweet, cute innocent little angel' that wouldn't hurt an ant, but she is the complete opposite when nobody is around to watch. I try to tell others like my grandma about how malicious she is but they all say the same 'no no she is a lovely child so don't mean to her'. They understand me just perfect (I wish!). I get blamed for everything my sis does, for instance, the other day; my sister was ironing languidly and burnt mum's clothes. ...read more.


Getting up early! hate it. I will keep hitting the snooze button until I absolutely have to get up because shortening my beauty session won't stop me from being late (and I don't like being late, having grown up in a family that is late to everything, I greatly value being on-time. Not early, just right on-time.) I hate my little sister I seriously do, not kidding at all. I hate to say that because I know you're not supposed to actually hate your siblings, you are just supposed to fight with them and then get along again, or something like that. What are you meant to do when they continuously irritate you? . Being nice gets you nowhere with her. I have tried so many times to treat her nicely and be positive and ask her to go places with me or play games with her and it always blows up in my face. After my golden ring being buried in disgusting brown soil by my outrageous sister. when my gold ring was covered in soil by my sister My mum tells me to ignore, and that I shouldn't hit her or shout at her because I'm older and I should have more sense. Obviously I have more sense but it doesn't mean I can't shout at her! She needs to understand. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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