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Dont get me started on BlackBerrys!

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Don?t get me started on BlackBerry?s! Today i have had it with the world, and i need to express my annoyance about certain things i have problems with. One thing that annoys me the most in my life are phones. As a child of the ?90s I?m supposed to be an iPhone-toting, social networking, lover of technology. I have never been a fun of phones. I hate all phones but especially Blackberry?s. People have made Blackberry?s look like they are gods. They have made Blackberry?s their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They care more about their Blackberry?s than they do about their families. But do you get the sense when some of your friends have no idea what your face looks like because they are always looking at their goddamn Blackberry phones while you are talking to them. ...read more.


This is shockingly a rude behaviour. Some people are so attached to their Blackberry phones that they don?t watch where they are going. I know a girl who got a broken leg because of her phone. What i hate most about the Blackberry is the Blackberry Messaging (BBM). People can?t leave their phones for a second. It irritates me when i try to have a conversation with someone and they keep looking at their phones and just sending BBM?s. At school students don?t pay attention in class because they have these little magic boxes with them. Whenever a lecturer is seriously teaching that is when you will see someone looking down at his/her Blackberry, texting and giggling. Being able to type without looking doesn?t mean you should do it. ...read more.


With riots and looting breaking all over London, media outlets poured out how the violent and riots speeded. The first device they discovered was the Blackberry phone with its unique private Blackberry messaging service. Was used as a method whereby rioters and looters, many of them teenagers, broadcasted and swapped information in a way that effectively help speed up the riots. Today, the Blackberry is the most popular handset amongst Britain youth. I do not say that i don?t use a phone, i do but what i am saying is, are people?s attention span ridiculously so short that they need a constant screen at their face? So here is my message to all Blackberry addicts. They should look at the world around them because those Blackberry?s phones are nothing. They can get spoiled within a second and all the BBM?s can never add up to the real spice of life. ...read more.

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