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Dont get me started on... SLANG

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Monday 26th November 2012 Don?t get me started on............. Don?t get me started on... SLANG It?s humiliating, irritating, outrageous and meaningless or more like beyond the pale. It symbolizes my aspect of hatred. What do you think? Slang is a playground language. Like little boys used to make up at school, little secret niche words, but these numbnuts have not left it in the playground. ?Cuz? ?dunna? ?yah? ?na?, STOP. STOP. I mean this is absolutely insane. This simply breaks the law of grammar, creating another language, and brings disgrace to the word ENGLISH. Most of the country cannot spell or speak English so what hope has slang got? The problem is, that there are too many numbnuts who now use slang as their main language and know no different. The same type of numbnuts, find it impossible to separate reality from fiction. Their slang language is a marginalised fictional world used by mainly gangs, and also by the occassional Muppet BBC DJ, it has an essential gangland "bruvers" dialect. ...read more.


I wonder where your exhausted brains disappeared to. If i were your pitiful brain id grow sincerely dissatisfied and force my way out of your dense head into a more advanced, or respectable person. That person would prober ably treat me superiorly, talking reasonable language. It?s someone who deserves a brain unlike some disgraceful living individuals who aren?t worthy to be knows as human beings. Slang is hard to understand if someone says ?see you layaa? (meaning later) i would misunderstand it as layer and be in dispute with them. This indicates that slang devastates relationships between people in society. Language is an important part of communication, meaning Slang would effect communications between people producing a barrier in between, causing a different accent. This would make it difficult to converse between other people from all parts of the country. Furthermore the disaster wouldn?t stop at this point it would continue to form a fence among foreigners who have attempted to learn English for their own circumstances to approach this country or to come live here. ...read more.


I?m appalled at the apparent lack of understanding many kids have of our beautiful language, it seems even education has been dumped down for the little dears so they can all 'achieve'. On the wider front, it demonstrates to me that our education system is not doing its duty accurately, what happened to a rap on the knuckles for lapsing into slang in school, what happened to detention, what happened to being made to write lines? The education system is not doing its job properly. Neither is the media, like the BBC which should as a public broadcaster is maintaining standards of proper speech. Neither is the government, which should be doing something to restore pride in our language which has enormous power when not debased by fools. You should also know the fact that sophisticated language is necessary in finding a better employment. Slang would only make you end up as a rubbish man or a burger seller finding it difficult to pay your bills suffering in life from something that would be additionally described as worshiped. ...read more.

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