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Dont get me started on... Valentine s Day

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´╗┐Don?t get me started on... Valentine? s Day is trying to abduct me into a fake world where everything is glorious and perfect, a world we all wish to be living in. February 14th is the date I most dread every year. Couples get loved up and forget about the important things in life, such as working nine to five to pay the enormous bills that are piled in a drawer or scattered in the living room. Using Valentine?s Day as a runaway from bills isn?t going to make things better. Running away from Valentine?s Day sounds more appealing, it stop?s us from meeting women like these: 1) The hopefuls: These are women who get excited on Valentine?s Day because they believe their special person is out there somewhere, and loneliness isn?t an option. 2) ...read more.


And on the standing notice board, written in red chalk was: VALENTINES DAY OFFER, small portion of chips and sausage in batter, £2.99 only. What a massive bargain. I’d never thought I’d hate to love the meal I always devour, little did I know. £2.99 was a bargain, but I turned away and went in the nearby corner shop, to pick up some cheese and onion crisps instead. At least I could enjoy eating without the reminder of Valentine’s Day on my back. We all know when it’s coming, we’re not stupid. Living close to cinemas, restaurants, shopping centres, bowling alleys and night-clubs could be perceived to be an incredible place to live; everything is close by (except the chip shop). ...read more.


But Valentine?s Day only lasts 24 hours. So, what about the other 364 days? We don?t have love your pet day, because you?re supposed to do that anyway. New years and Christmas are two good reasons for going out and celebrating. A new year is a day where we all are overwhelmed for the year to coming, while Christmas is celebrating Jesus? birthday. And then there?s Valentine?s Day... An interesting way for the government to continue making a ridiculous amount of money - which would probably be spent on single parents benefits. This makes me think. Government= a greedy bunch of people who needs money to operate. So that?s it. Valentine?s Day is just a day the government make money, they don?t care about lovers. People are not thinking outside the box and why there really is a valentine?s day, it?s all a part of the government?s evil and sick plan. ...read more.

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