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Doorways - creative writing

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English Short Story Doorways Have you ever felt like you don't belong in the world you've been placed in? Everyday the world around me isn't mine; I'm an intruder in my own life. Life never meant living; life meant searching for something else, something real. It was illusions of other places, rippling on the surface of my mind. My life was always a line of maybes, never anything solid to grasp onto. I travelled through life looking through a window and I longed to feel what it was like on the outside, with the sun. Last night, I discovered a hidden mirror into a corridor of worlds; I stepped through the looking glass, into a secret. Doors stood towering in front of me, taunting me through their closed perspectives. ...read more.


They shimmered in and out of my focus, so close yet so untouchable, merging into the glossy realities of the corridor. I'm still standing here, conversing with angels. An angel turns to me; her golden hair falls like a cascade down her bare back. Her piercing eyes search my forbidden soul. She reaches her palm towards mine, open, holding my life within it. We are palm to palm; I'm touching an angel. Warmth runs through my toes, I was alive, flowing with life. She plants a kiss on my lips, feathery soft. I was kissed by an angel. I follow her to a dark doorway. Metal melted together to form a repressing barrier from the world held within. Hell with no handle. She doesn't need to utter a word; inside the door I can feel the writhing of souls expelled from heaven. ...read more.


She collapsed, a small figure glowing in the doorway. 'You can never know, never.' This is how I came about myself, my destiny, and my path that I would surely walk down. I had discovered myself, only to destroy life itself. The universe held in my lying hands. I drew my hand close to the door, the metal scolded, a warning of what was to come. The heat surged through my body and I felt power, I had total control. I felt whole with hell in my hands. I sucked in time, it caught in my breathless throat. Only the world waited for me. I pushed the door. Flames soared and hell enveloped life. I shattered inside; death had come to greet me at last. Still my angel's words echoed off vanished walls. 'Bringer of hell.' And there stood one world, the creation of hell. Your world. Do you think you belong now? English Short Story Page 1 of 2 Robyn Parker 10D ...read more.

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