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Dorm Room Description

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Dorm Room Description I attend Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina. This is my first semester at Campbell and I am a freshmen. My dorm room is located in Murray Hall on the second floor. I reside in suite 205 room 4. There are three other rooms in the suite and one bathroom. My dorm room is the largest in our suite. I brought many things from home including a computer and a bed. I have adapted well to my dorm room and I like living in it. My dorm room is large and diverse. At the door way to my room stands a dark brown door with the numbers 205-4 hand written in the middle, near the top. The door is heavy and is made of very sturdy wood. At waist level on the left of the door is a metal panel, which supports a large metal doorknob. There is a keyhole in the doorknob and several scratches near it where people have missed the keyhole. Inside the room one first notices the barren cinder block walls that have been painted white. ...read more.


Six black towels are stored on top of the shelf. Hanging on the bar below are six shirts and two pairs of pants. On the floor below are three pairs of Nike sneakers, one pair of black boots, and a pair of brown sandals placed neatly in rows. In the back right corner of the closet a broom and dustpan lean against the wall. To the right of the closet and in one of the room's corners is a desk built into the wall. The top of the desk is mad of wood but is covered with the same fake marble covering that is on top of the beuaro. In the right corner of the desk is a plain white plastic cup with several pencils and pens in it. Next to the cup is a black digital alarm clock. There is a bulletin board on the wall facing out of the desk with a schedule stapled to the upper right hand corner. Above the bulletin board is a wooden shelf. ...read more.


The desk has a white monitor on top of it. The keyboard drawer has a white keyboard on it that is connected by a cord to the main frame. The main frame is white and is in the right corner on the floor under the desk. To the left of the loft bed and the computer desk are several large marks on the wall where a desk used to be. The desk was clearly taken off the wall and now only several small strips of wood remain. Above this is a wooden shelf secured to the wall. On top of this shelf several books for classes are stacked. A large black plastic garbage pail sits on the floor under the shelf. There is a blue trash bag lining the inside and it in half way filled with garbage. To the left of the shelf and garbage pail is the large wooden door. My dorm room is filled with many items. The floor although dusty has no large objects scattered around. Everything is place around the room in an orderly fashion. Despite some minor details, such as chipped paint, the room is structurally sound. The room is very suitable fore collage living. ?? ?? ?? ?? Carroll 1 1 Carroll ...read more.

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