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Double Knaves, Why Are These the Worst Villains in Society

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Bradley Alvelo Mr. Small British Literature 11/07/04 Double Knaves, Why Are These the Worst Villains in Society Shakespeare believed the worst villain was the two faced person. Not the person who outright showed they were a villain. The underhanded villain the villain that hides in the shadows and doesn't show their true colors were the worst rogue of all. Shakespeare created characters that were realistic. To do this he received insight from the world around him. In Shakespeare's time he must have been inspired by many rouges of his time. In most of Shakespeare's plays you find the use of double knaves. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello you find great examples of the use of double knavery. In Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Ross a Scottish nobleman was the double knave. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet" the elderly Lord Chamberlain Polonius was the double knave and in Shakespeare's "Othello" the double knave was Iago Othello's ensign, the worst scoundrel of the three plays. ...read more.


Things at the worst will cease, or else climb upward. To what they were before.--My pretty cousin, Blessing upon you!" (Shakespeare 15). After Ross left his cousin he left the castles door open so the murders could kill Macduff's family. After all that Ross had to go threw Macbeth still gave the Thane-ship to Lennox. This angered Ross immensely and when Ross's saw that Macbeth's kingdom was in danger Ross decided to leave Macbeth and join Malcom and Macduff against Macbeth. He used his cunningness to gain there trust by telling Macduff, "Your castle is surpris'd; your wife, and babes, Savagely slaughter'd: to relate the manner, were, on the quarry of these murther'd deer to add the death of you." (Shakespeare 205). After he was told of his family Malcom and Macduff believed him and Ross joined there quest to destroy Macbeth. This is a great illustration of double knavery first Ross thought he could get what he wanted with Macbeth when it didn't work out he just changed sides. ...read more.


He is determined to reveal that Othello's noble qualities are a sham, by reducing him to being a man ``eaten up with passion.'' If Othello's nobility can be shown to have no substance Iago will emerge as superior because of his greater cleverness."(Newton) Iago deceives everyone into believing he's on there side. He gains the trust of Othello and manipulates him into believing that those closet to him were his enemies "Iago's strategy is based on persuading Othello to accept that appearances can be deceptive: Men should be that they seem; /Or those that be not, would they might seem none!'' But he counts on Othello failing to draw the logical conclusion that this applies also to ``honest Iago."(Newton) Iago was the most conniving evil scoundrel of the three plays. He was able to successfully deceive everyone so that it worked for him. Iago would have to be the perfect double knave. He was underhanded and at the same time cold-blooded. This is why double knaves are worst villains in society. You don't know there the villain to its too late. ...read more.

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