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Down to the final kick

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Down to the final kick The old wooden door of the changing room flung open. Silence, you could here the buzzing of a fly. All of us looked up and stood there was our manager Ace. Ace was a tall man his hair was brown but we always said that he was going grey and bald and he would laugh about it because he had an amazing sense of humour. In a loud and strong voice he said, "boys we have three tough matches left and we need to win them all. Today we have Silfiled". "This will be a walkover," said Adam. Adam was a strong player, he battled like a lion protecting its young he was also the captain of our mighty team. Our manager said to us "this is it I want you to go out there and show Silfiled why we are going to get promoted this season, suddenly a mighty roar came from the changing room. The old rusty door swung open and we all ran out. The sound of the studs on the football boots hitting the concrete floor sounded like a dozen soldiers marching in formation. As we reached the football pitch the parents of my teammates started cheering. That's when the nerves hit me a cold shivering sensation went down the back of my spine. I was so nervous because this was my first ever football match for this team. ...read more.


All I said was thank you then I ran over to see my teammates. When we got back into the changing room we all sat down we where all worn out. The changing room stunk of sweat and dirt, the door open and with a load voice Ace said "well played boys we only got 2 games left our next game is against Jex, they are top of the league and it will be our hardest game yet. So I will see you at training on Friday same time" we all started leaving the changing room and on my way out Ace said well played. Our match against Jex was played we battled well. By half time the score was 1-1 the second half went ahead we played are hearts off. We scored 2 more goals and won the match 3-1. We had one last match left we needed to win it. It was against Silfield again but it was away As we pulled up to the ground in the car I saw that our players where already on the pitch. We must have been a bit late I ran out of the car because I didn't have time to spare I ran in to the changing room and quickly got changed my kit was all nicely laid out on the bench. ...read more.


As soon as Craig Patterson tackled him the player tripped up in the mud and gave a penalty. Our manager was furious he said that was no way a penalty. The ref just walked over and put the ball on the penalty spot and their player stepped up. I couldn't believe this, why did it have to happen to me. I put my self on the line and looked straight in to the player's eyes. His eyes where looking in the right corner I didn't know what to do. He ran up and hit it as hard as possible it went flying into the top right corner I dived high up and stretched as far as I could. I made contact with the ball and hit it over the bar. I couldn't believe I had saved it my players all ran up to me and we all celebrated the ref blew his whistle for full time we had won. We where the champions we where promoted. All of our players they made a huge bundle in our area even our manager joined in. Aces wife walked on to the pitch with a sainsburys bag with 4 bottles of Champaign in it. Me, Adam, Ben and Kyle all grabbed a bottle and shook them up and started spraying them about. We had a photo taken of the champions. Ace said to us "next season will be a hole new world for us to explore. We know it will not be easy but we can try" ...read more.

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