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Dr Jekyll and Hyde - Nightmare City

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Dr Jekyll and Hyde - Nightmare City In Jekyll and Hyde, a sense of dread at night is one of the first aspects of the opening scene which is shown on page 11. It is here that Hyde was seen trampling over a little girls body - "The man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground." This event happened at night when the streets were empty; Stevenson uses this technique of fear and the supernatural effectively in this passage. A sense of dread and disgust is felt when the girl's body was trampled over "calmly", this gives a sense of the supernatural - an oxymoron. ...read more.


In this dream Hyde can stalk through London without fear of being caught, causing crime and disaster when he wants. Another "nightmare city" returns to Utterson when he is leading the police to Hyde's apartment. It is described as a foggy street in which Utterson looks on as the mist swirls, making the neighborhood into a "a district of some city in a nightmare," even making the policemen feel fear. Another scene of dread is shown when Utterson is walking through the street at 10 o 'clock - "When the shops were closed, the by street very solitary, and, in spite of the low growl of London from all around, very silent." ...read more.


This passage brings back the thought of Hyde at night when he "longs for the sight of a policeman", almost repeating the past events. The "light footsteps" are described as "odd" which gives a feel of the supernatural, as if the footsteps are not human which creates a link back to the "juggernaut". When the novella reaches the final scene, the "nightmare city" is shown not only to cause fear but the aspect of them containing an even more horrifying danger. Poole takes Utterson to Jekyll's house; the fear of the night and the deserted streets is described to fill the lawyer with "a crushing anticipation of calamity." With all these descriptions Stevenson conveys the city to be a nightmare and hellish place, creating a strong sense of dread and horror throughout the novella. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Essay ...read more.

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