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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Christian Davies Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Coursework Q: Explore Stevenson's use of opposition in the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In this novel Stevenson uses many oppositions like: good and bad, rich and poor light and dark, upper class and lower class, beautiful and ugly. This use of opposition is closely linked to the Victorian time, as they believed that only people that are all good are predestined will be accepted by god and therefore be allowed into heaven and people that are not rich, educated and homed where not seen as being respectable to be allowed into heaven. Dr Jekyll is described as "a large, well made, smooth-faced man of fifty, with something of a slyest cast perhaps, but every mark of capacity and kindness". ...read more.


where all good would be able to go to heaven so Dr Jekyll would fit in this category but when Mr Hyde is described as being inflamed it gives the reader the impression that he looks like hell The entrance to Dr Jekyll house is said to reflect Dr Jekyll as a person this is appealing to the reader as they will be able to relate to it as only upper class people that could afford schooling could read. But when reading about Hyde's entrance Stevenson describes it as being "blistered and distain" this really show the reader how Mr Hyde does not cars about his appearance The main opposition that Stevenson shows is in the Carew murder case. ...read more.


gives evidence to suggest that man was a descendant from the ape but this also clashes with the biblical belief that men and woman came from Adam and eve In conclusion, Dr. Jekyll needed something, or someone to represent the evil, which has built up inside of him. He created this through experiments, which lead to a potion. This potion transformed him anytime he wanted. He was transformed into Mr. Hyde. I believe evil is just a small portion of men, that is why Mr. Hyde had a dwarfish appearance. The main point being was that the potion took over his life, and Dr. Jekyll finally realizes he is unable to transform back into his goodness. He attempts to commit suicide, as this is his only way of destroying Mr. Hyde. ...read more.

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