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Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

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The Strange Case of DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde "There are some things that should be kept private" The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is about a person who is a famous scientist that believes the idea of each person having two different personalities, this is what is shown in the story on how the two different personalities effects Dr. Jekyll and is loved one around him. The story was published in 1888, a crucial time in the British history when the Victorian had reigned over Britain. During the Victorian time, the British Empire was the largest empire in the world it was believed that the sun never set on the empire, as it covered nearly each continent. The story reflects the Victorian society where things were completely different compared to today, people had different living standards also reputation was an important factor because it was all about individual respect and people were recognised only if they had respect. Throughout the Victorian period, many scientists established their theories and one of the main theories was the theory of evolution, which was created by the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. He came up with an idea of humans possibly could have shared a common ancestor with chimpanzees. ...read more.


the quotes clarify that Utterson purposely has this facade because as we can see he likes the theatre but has not gone in one showing that he is controlling himself from being exposed to such things that would make him get carried away, the second quote signifies that he finds it difficult to express himself in front of others. The contradictions made in his description show that, what he is from outside is completely different to what he is from inside. In this novella there is a particular incident that took place, it was about a girl 'who was running as hard as she was able down a cross street', where then a man collided into her and 'trampled' over her body 'calmly'. People gained from the incident with the girl in different ways, this included bribery of the girl's family and the protection of individual reputation. The evidence that shows the bribery is that "we screwed him up to hundred pounds", this suggests the girl's family had to keep it a secret because they wanted to receive the big amount, this benefited Mr Hyde because it saved his reputation also Hyde had to keep it a secret because he had more to lose and would cause a scandal. ...read more.


In my opinion freedom has increased so much that there is no limit, each person is worried about themselves, gossips have become an entertainment for people and therefore industries use this advantage to run their businesses. In this era money is reputation. Overall the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a story which has many key features mainly related to privacy and reputation. In this essay I have discussed many key points that relate to secrecy and those are: symbolisms in the story that are a metaphor for secrecy, the incident with the girl and how people benefitted individually by keeping it a secret, the similarities and differences of Mr Utterson and Enfield and how they prevent themselves from being exposed, how secrecy and privacy affected reputation. All the key points and the moral of the story emphasises that 'there are some things that should be kept private' and this is shown throughout the story because everything that happened in chapter 1 is all about keeping things hidden and also reflect how privacy and reputation was considered in the Victorian era. The popularity still remains as it has a moral which is a vital feature in everyone's life also is now being introduced into films that have this idea of dual personalities. Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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