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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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'Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde The novella focuses on split personalities. 'The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde' was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a popular writer with mass appeal 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' was written as a short novel. The story deal with physical individuals, with two personalities occupying them and shifting between the two. A use of variety of techniques. 'The strange case of Jekyll and Hyde' is in 'respectable' Victorian London, which is none the less a dark and harsh place. It has the wealth of Victorian society already supporting it but then has the small and cramped dirtiness, the foggy evenings where a man was once beaten. Both the stories are showing splits and this can be related to the theme and way the story puts its self across, the split personality of the story. A respectable front is displayed and then through this we see glimpses of the black bad side. The stories generally have this bad side hidden but we are still able to see. 'The Darkness Out There' focuses mainly on the summery meadows but we then hear indirect descriptions of Packers End. This differs in 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as the story is based on the respectability of Victorian London like 'The Darkness Out There' and uses Mr. Utterson the trustworthy and conservative figure to generate a respectable image like Mrs. Rutter is used in 'The Darkness Out There,' but we are then led further into the story and see the blemishes in the respectability are seen through the narrative, not experiences being recited to us as experiences of 'Packers End' are. We see for ourselves here the dirt, back streets and the beatings unlike the other side of 'The Darkness Out There.' The setting in 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' is at one point mentioned as 'very cool and a little damp, and full of premature twilight.' ...read more.


We must read far deeper therefore into 'The Darkness Out There' as it is far more a story to read over slowly than 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' which tells a story by projecting explicit images in to the mind to help the reader imagine the two sides of its split personality, the two sides of Dr. Jekyll. The different sides of the characters in the stories are very similar. Dr. Jekyll is respectable, looks smart and is a good citizen whereas the same man but under Mr. Hyde is corrupt and shows the reality that Victorian London looked to be prosperous and a world leader with gracious and good people, but under the surface hid evil while people suffered, an image behind which this darkness was hidden. Mrs. Rutter shows the Respectability of an older woman with kindness and warmth but then shows a corrupt side with an inner evil. This shows a split in the personality of how the appearances of the characters match the actions of their minds. The two sides of the personalities are corrupt with each other and go in different directions. 'The darkness out there' is far more compacted and information about the story is available in every paragraph. Penelope Lively drops hints and we can see attitudes of the characters, actions and see the plot, maybe not directly, straight away. This parallels the idea of a split personality allowing us to pick on every little detail of Mrs. Rutter, the split personality. We can observe things which give us clues and show us Mrs. Rutter's split personality in action. Jekyll and Hyde does more to set the scene to add to the story all the way through. The scene makes the story and creates the atmosphere. This is done to allow us to incorporate not only the two physical forms Dr. Jekyll is able to take, his split personality, but also we can incorporate the two sides of Victorian London, the two sides of the industrial revolution, the prosper and the poverty, the split personality of the age and the people there. ...read more.


These can be visualised and interpreted, even included into the story as much as desired. This relates to the idea of a split personality, you can see between what the author has written and you notice the splits in the story. Both evil characters show themselves enough for the others to notice them but hide away enough so that it is only suspicion until they are finally revealed. We see glimpses of each. The darkness out there has Mrs. Rutter expressing her evil side quickly in sentences and through her eyes quickly. Jekyll and Hyde has Mr. Hyde appearing at night and only being seen briefly. They are there but haven't been seen to their full extent. One hidden physically, Jekyll and Hyde and the other mentally, The darkness out there. This relates to the fact that we never see the full personalities in these two texts together. They are split and we can only guess the full personality from the parts of the two sides we see. Overall, Jekyll and Hyde is a story and the Darkness out there is reality, it is an informative example of a moral. This is designed very well to awaken you and at the same time make you remember. Even subtleties like using the word 'bitch' to describe an old woman work very well in doing this. Hearing an old woman calling a German soldier she is allowing to die slowly and painfully a 'tough bastard' whilst dabbing her mouth with the utmost etiquette, shocks! But maybe we can now link the two together. The dabbing of her mouth is very smart and respectable, but can it be shown to symbolise her thirst for evil and maybe she could even said to be drooling over the thought as someone who laughs at death in such a way would be capable of that, the good side of her is mopping up the bad side's effect. The delicateness of her actions could compensate for the bluntness of her evil actions. The two sides of the personality balancing each other out. ...read more.

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