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Dr jekyll and mr hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde essay The novel, 'The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and is set in 1886 Victorian London. Victorians that lived in London at that time believed in certain morals of living they believed when in public you must represent yourself in a respectable manor. In the novel people are presented as well mannered until they are away from the publics eyes. This shows two sides, an example of duality and hypocrisy this shows a link to the character Mr. Hyde. As a young man Stevenson was a very sickly man and spent most of his childhood ill. His dad had very high expectations of him and hoped he would take in his footsteps and become an engineer. Although he qualified as a lawyer his ambition was to become a writer. Due to Stevenson being very ill when young he spent most of his days indoors, the quote 'It shook the doors of the prison house of my disposition' this metaphor reflects on his childhood because he felt trapped when he was young and ill in his home as if his home was a 'prison'. ...read more.


Jekyll is an ordinary person with both good and bad thoughts, which he can control. Stevenson uses the character of Hyde to represent Evil he is described as 'evil like Satan' the use of the simile engages the reader and makes them refer to the character Hyde as evil and they therefore relate him to negative things . In the Victorian era people were very religious and saw Satan as the ultimate EVIL, we realize that Hyde is the most evil person in the novel just as Satan is seen as the most evil person in the world Stevenson Uses similes to express how the characters look by the emotion of their face the quote 'about as emotional as a bagpipe' is a simile describing Hydes facial expression. This is showing us that Hyde is an unemotional person also showing no remorse for his actions. It gives the reader a feeling of unexpectancy of Hydes thoughts or how he is feeling at the time. Pathetic fallacy is also used to create mystery the quote 'A fog rolled over the city' or to hide the fact of evil coming their way. ...read more.


The windows of Jekyll's house are very different the quote 'freshly painted shutters' this shows us that Jekyll is putting on a appearance and is showing people everything is fine and is more inviting, how ever the blinds themselves hide the truth. Stevenson uses windows and doors to portray different views and characteristics of Jekyll and Hyde and give the readers clues about the characters. In the novel Stevenson uses temporal markers such as 'that evening', it gives us an idea on the events of the story even though the novel happens over the period of a couple years and it gives a sense of direction. Dr. Jekyll himself can be an example of today's society, as he has inner anger and evil ness just like a normal person. He first tries to suppress the angry thoughts and inner demons forcefully then they become out of control as he likes the feeling of being evil. Then he becomes dependant on a drug even though he knows it is killing him inside, this could be compared to the drug addicts of today's society and the way they are dependant on certain things but they can't see their actions due to their dependency on a addiction. ...read more.

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