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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Through the character Edward Hyde, Stevenson shows the evil side of human nature, in the novel 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. In this novel, Dr jekyll is in duality, With Edward Hyde being his second identity. I will investigate the way Stevenson explores the evil side of human nature through his use of events, settings and characters. Firstly, I will examine the events linking the characters of Hyde and Jekyll. As you read through the novel you began to realise that Jekyll and Hyde are connected in some way. The events linking the two characters together are: * The cheque given to the girl's family which was signed by Dr Jekyll. * Dr Jekyll's will leaving everything he owned to Mr Hyde. * The way Mr Hyde is always seen going through the back door of Dr Jekyll's house, where the dissecting room is. ...read more.


Stevenson builds a sense of evil towards the end of the novel when Dr Jeykll's house is approached by Poole and Utterson. '....the theatre once crowed with eager students now lying gaunt and silent...' This quote adds suspense with an unease atmosphere as it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next. Stevenson's character Edward Hyde leaves the reader feeling astonished at the end of the novel, because all Dr Jekyll wanted was to be able to do things he couldn't, but instead it all ended in disasters. When the novel describes Edward Hyde, it doesn't give a prise description of him. 'Particularly wicked-looking' This quote makes the reader feel uneasy as the novel doesn't present a clear picture of Mr Hyde 'It wasn't like a man; it was like some damned juggernaut.' This quote shows the novel describes Hyde as things that could not be explained but you can picture. ...read more.


This quote shows that Dr Jekyll is full of kindness. However by the end of the novel Jekyll is overcome by Hyde because he enjoys the way being evil makes Jekyll feel. '..The smile was struck out of his face and succeeded by an expression of ... abject terror and despair....' The quote show Dr Jekyll being controlled by Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll's respect was disappearing In the novel, Dr Jekyll tries to separate evil from good. However evil seems to be stronger. Stevenson was writing at a time of double standard because he believed that the characters he was portraying were real in his own mind. Victorian life in London was very demanded and harsh. Edward Hyde shows that the evil side grips you quicker than the normal caring side of your life. Victorian readers could relate to Edward Hyde because they were angry of the deprivation of there life's and the poor quality of the way they had to live, although this does not count for the wealthy. ...read more.

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