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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - How does Stevenson create a sense ofmystery and horror in the opening 2 chapters of the novel?

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How does Stevenson create a sense of mystery and horror in the opening 2 chapters of the novel? In this essay I am going to look at Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the first two chapters, and explain using quotes and information from these chapters how the writer creates a sense of mystery and horror. I will be focussing on the descriptions given about the characters and the house which plays a significant part in this story. This novel is about a highly classed doctor of science, named Dr Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is a very clever professor who makes a mixture of chemicals, which can turn him into a totally different person for a short period of time. This power to become someone else lets Dr Jekyll live two different lives, without anyone finding out, but this has very bad consequences for the doctor. As the story unfolds two characters, named Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield, both high class lawyers. These two characters become very suspicious about Dr Jekyll start to investigate. Finally Utterson meets Dr Jekylls science experiment a man named Mr Hyde. Now Mr Utterson knows this mysterious man, he reads over Dr Jekylls will, which states that if Dr Jekyll dies or is missing for more than three calendar months, Mr Hyde inherits all of Dr Jekyll possessions. ...read more.


A sense of mystery is created in the opening chapter when Mr Enfield says, "no sir I had delicacy; was the reply; I feel very strongly about putting questions." This holding back of information, through a character, helps to create the suspense and mystery. Like utterson the reader wants to find out more about Hyde. "There is something wrong with his appearance; ....something downright detestable." The physical description of the character Hyde is mysterious, as if he is seen as horrifying, "....he gives a strong feeling of deformity." But it is not obvious, more of a feeling or a presents. Dr Jekyll is a character which is only described in the eyes of the other characters. "he began to go wrong, wrong in the mind...." This description of Jekyll by Dr lanyon creates a sense of mystery and horror because, it make jekyll's character sound like a man who is starting to change, in his sense of lifestyle and the way he treats his friends. If his own friends think that he is going wrong in the mind, it must mean that something has changed about him or something is making him change. Dr Jekyll is the central character of this novel, so any description or hints about him in this book will be closely read and remembered. ...read more.


The will is Dr Jekylls. "There he opened his safe, took from the most private part of it a document endorsed on the envelope as Dr Jekylls will." This creates a sense of mystery because why is utterson reading this will now, is this foreshadowing that it will be needed soon, will Jekyll die. In the will it explains that all Dr Jekylls possessions were to be passed to the shady character, Hyde, if Jekyll disappeared for more than three calendar months. This is maybe foreshadowing that Jekyll is going to go missing or die. It also creates a sense of mystery and horror involving Hyde, will he kill Jekyll to get his fortune. All the points I have made, really give a strong answer to this question. The writer uses clever description techniques to describe the characters, the surroundings and the storyline so far in the first two chapters. All these descriptions create a sense of horror and mystery. The clever use of foreshadowing also creates a strong sense of horror and mystery, because it makes the reader think that maybe something mysterious and horrifying is going to happen in the rest of the novel. The first two chapters were vital to this book because it is when the reader gets to know the characters and a short synopsis of the rest of the book. By Andrew saunders Word count=1,364 ...read more.

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