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'Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde' - review

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ENGLISH COURSEWORK - "DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE" The writer of a story 'Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde', Robert Louis Stevenson uses very good writing skills to create a sense of horror, mystery, and tension in his novel. He uses foreshadowing, setting atmosphere and mystery to put tension into the story. I am going to write about how does he do it in detail. Firstly I am going to summary the story of chapter one and two. A lawyer, Mr.Utterson doubt about that his friend Dr.Jekyll told Utterson to give all his properties to Mr.Hyde who was known as a strange and evil man. One day Mr.Utterson hear a story about Mr.Hyde has done so cruel thing to a young girl that he trampled calmly over the girl's body. Utterson gets so surprised and he decides to detect about the guy names Hyde. But Dr.Jekyll who might be known best about Mr.Hyde does not tell anything about him to Utterson. Meanwhile Mr. Hyde commits murder and days later Dr.Lanyon, who was friend of Mr.Utterson and Dr.Jekyll dies suddenly. After these Jekyll disappears as well, Mr.Utterson tries hard to solve all the mystery and happenings. This is the story from chapter one to chapter two. ...read more.


If you read the next bit Enfield tell Utterson about how people react to Mr.Hyde. He says "...But gave me one look, so ugly that it brought out a sweat on me like running." And anyone who sees him takes a loathing and disgust to Mr. Hyde. Even though someone who is very 'cut-and-dry', he turns "Very sick and white with the desire to kill him." An evil character, Mr.Hyde creates feelings of loathing in those who see him and the happening indicates something more evil will occur. The house and name of Hyde gives secrecy. As I have written before, Mr.Enfield's description of the house adds mystery. Cannot see inside, nobody goes in and out but once in a great while. Which creates very mysterious atmosphere and tension on the reader and Mr.Utterson. The name 'Hyde' sounds mysterious as well. It very sounds like 'Hide', not to be seen. Gives mystery but nothing. All the description about Mr.Hyde is strange to the reader. "There is SOMETHING (gives mystery) wrong with his appearance...; something downright detestable." "...He gives a strong feeling of deformity." Writer tries to give very little information about Hyde, and it is not definitely horrific but reader gets the feeling or a presence of horror and very strong mystery. ...read more.


the by street was very solitary; and ... very silent." This atmosphere gives tension - what is going to happen? Is something bad happening? Hyde is shown as so evil and dangerous person and it gives horror to the reader. And again the description of Mr.Hyde shows that his appearance is very displeasing and ugly, "Savage laugh" "displeasing smile" "hitherto unknown disgust, loathing and fear with which Mr.Utterson regarded him." which helps to create horror and foreshadows Hyde as a criminal. "Satan's signature" shows that is on Hyde's face and his mind. But it also shows "Mr.Hyde shrank back with a hissing intake of breathe." He doesn't want to be found by people. He is fearful of being caught; this makes reader to doubt why. Lastly, "Poole prevently announced that for Jekyll had gone out." Adds mystery to the relationship between Hyde and Jekyll. Again Utterson and Reader are not able to get informations about the relationship. Each part of the chapter2 gives just a little information about Mr.Hyde and his relationship with Dr.Jekyll. Mr.Utterson and the reader are left in great suspense. Somehow they are able to feel that Hyde is so evil person and he is going to involve in something bad happening. Writer foreshadows every thing to give so much mystery and suspicion. However, it is revealed in the next chapter, and all the progress gives interests to the reader. ...read more.

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