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Dracula and the gothic horror genre.

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Dracula and the gothic horror genre Gothic horror is believed to have been invented by the man Harrance Walpole in the year 1974, gothic horror is the belief of darkness, vampires and the usual characteristics such as werewolves etc... gothic horror features could also be listed as supernatural the ability to do something different abnormal if you like a gothic horror story you would expect to be set in a dark place normally trees with the howling of the werewolves leading up to the huge stereotypical castle. The two characters we meet in the opening of the novel 'Dracula' are Jonathan Harker and the man him self Dracula they are both portrayed I believe to fit the gothic horror genre. The author Bram stoker has achieved this by showing Jonathan Harker as an up to date and modern man he doesn't live in the ages and he doesn't carry superstitions and past beliefs we have evidence of this when Jonathan Harker stays in the hotel in Bristrits in Romania with the bus full of cross languages and characters and whilst looking through his well prepared language translator finds the words devil and evil these are the two most important words when relating to the gothic horror genre.. ...read more.


He is leaving civilisation he has no maps no surveys he is venturing into the unknown and mysterious land called Transylvania. Jonathan harker is no longer safe by laws and rules he is in with the animals he is staying in a brutal, hostile and dangerous landscape called his accommodation which I am sure will not live up to his high expectations. Jonathan Harker is a very stereotypical man and believes in his possessions but his fancy writing skills and posh tone of voice will not be took with a great deal of respect out in this dark land. When he arrives at the castle to meet the colourless and lifeless man we know as Dracula, Dracula makes a comment, warning against discarding the old for the new this brings me to my very next point that the comments Jonathan harker had been hearing on his journey about the devil and evil have not yet come true as Jonathan Harker says 'the light and the warmth and the counts courteous welcome seemed to have dissipated doubts and fears'. Dracula has a very strong and distinctive physical appearance he is not the stereotypical man like Jonathan Harker. ...read more.


The castle was very much stereotypical and the time of day and placing where perfect for the fit of the gothic horror genre dark when Johonathan Harker was approaching the castle and the noises outside the hotel (the werewolves). The weather that Johonathan Harker experiences is also very much part of the gothic horror genre stormy and rainy. In the novel 'Dracula' Bram stoker tries to create the feeling of suspense most of the way through the way he does this by making Johonathan Harker have horse and cart rides were the driver will for no reason stop and also Bram Stoker crates suspense by sending a man of new technologies into a world with none and sending him into an unknown land. The old women giving him across also raises questions this is exactly what Bram Stocker is trying to achieve the weather that Bram Stoker writes about is very nerve raking and inquisitive. All this finally begins to make Jonathon Harker and the readers feel unsecure. In conclusion I feel that Bram Stokers Dracula fulfils the conventions of the gothic horror genre to a perfect and very high standard as it has all the stereotypical aspects of the gothic horror genre. ...read more.

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