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Drama Cousework – Improvisation

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Drama Cousework - Improvisation In the double period on Monday 1st of October. Our Class had an improvisation workshop of written text. The text was a poem from Norman Maccaig called Old Highland Woman. We were to do different tasks in the workshop, which were the following: * As a single person we had to pretend that we were an old lady in a room, * In threes, we were told to make two neighbours call and check on the old lady, * A scene which was set 20 years before, * A scene that was set when the old lady was 20, we were to do this in fours. Old lady in a room There was several part to this excersise, 1. Pretend to be an old women, 2. What I could see out of the window, 3. What is around me, 4. ...read more.


I thought that we were just copying the TV. The old woman 20 years before Our group decide to do a funeral of the old woman husband. This was a good idea; I thought that this was the only good idea that our groups of three had thought off. I was a bit appointment when one of the people in our group started to muck about when we were doing a real rehearsal. What we did was the following: 1) Decide who was who, I was the old woman. I liked being the old woman 2) Assign ourselves position on stage, I was next to my son in from of the grave. This idea was not unique but I like it, this was because it was original. ...read more.


The young lady took here boyfriend to here parents house 3) Show the audience that the parents did not like the boyfriend 4) The young lady decide to move away the countryside with here boyfriend This was the section of the improvisation workshop that I found most enjoyable. I think that the reason for this is that we were not told what to do; we made up our own storyline. None of the point that are above I thought were bad, I liked all of them, they all make sense. Young women fall in love all of the time, this is not unusual for our piece. Before anybody get marry the usually see their partners. Overall View I think that the improvisation workshop did nothing good for me. I did like it, I was actually very boring apart from the last exercise. I learnt nothing from the exercise so therefore I think that the whole double period was a waste of time. ...read more.

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