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Drama notes for Blood Brothers by Willy Russell.

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Drama notes for Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Lighting * There was a great contrast in lighting between the countryside and the city. In the countryside it was bright and the scenery consisted of typical green rolling hills and a crystal blue sky. However in the city the lighting was much darker and the scenery consisted buildings and skyscrapers. * When the front door of Mrs Johnstone house opened light flooded on to the stage. The purpose of this was to generate the idea of presence of Mrs Johnstone and her children living inside the house. * A followspot was used in several parts of the play to follow predominant and important characters. * The stage was lit up with a red light at the beginning of the end. This was used as an indicator of the bloodshed to follow. * A red light also appeared when Mrs Lyons came on to the stage. This illustrated her madness and guilt stricken conscious. ...read more.


* The use of the orchestra collaborated well with the songs. * The gunshot at the end of the play worked well as it shocked the audience despite them knowing the ending. Costume * In his childhood, Mickey wore very baggy clothes which were suitable for his rough use of them. * The adolescent Mickey wears fashionable denim and leather. * The adult Mickey again wears a baggy jumper. However this is when he is dominated by medicine. His clothing also illustrates the loss of that huge childhood energy he had at the beginning of the play. * In his childhood, Eddie wears very posh, expensive and neatly presented clothes. * The adolescent Eddie wears a blazer and a scarf which again are presented in a very neat manner. * In her childhood, Linda wears a huge yellow skirt and high bunches tied with ribbons. ...read more.


Stage and Setting * The stage has Mrs Johnstone's house facing Mrs Lyons house with entrances and exits situated either side of their houses. * The interior of Mrs Lyon's house defines the class divide within society. * Backdrops of the city and the countryside were throughout the play. * For the bus, cinema and rollercoaster physical theatre was used. * In terms of set, it was very simplistic and the space between the two houses was the main area of action. All the extra props and scenery was brought on and off by the actors. * Raised platforms were used for the narrator to stand and observe the action on stage and Mrs Johnstone also sings from there. * Use of levels- the Johnstone's often sit on their door steps and are at a very low level in most parts of the play. * The main purpose of the set is to illustrate that act that Mickey and Eddie live so close but live totally different lives. ...read more.

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