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Drama Part 1

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Part 1 Piece Charlotte Wiggins Drama The piece of Drama we have created is called "The Fear of the Unknown". We looked at various ways of interpreting the title before agreeing on a suitable theme. Our story covers the death of a character and studies the reactions of characters in different situations. The actual cause of death is left to the imagination and is never actually mentioned. This links in with the title we were given. I am going to compare "The fear of the unknown" with the play "The Woman in Black" by Susan Hill and adapted by Steven Mallatratt. I will also use the Crucible text by Arthur Miller and Blue Remembered Hills text. ...read more.


Many other people tell the story of the woman in black. The actor isn't superstitious so ignores them. He is lucky to escape with his life. In the fear of the unknown Stacey warns Sadie about the curse in the house where the girl died, Sadie believes the story but then still goes in the house, and doesn't return. This could also be compared to in the Crucible where the suspicion of witchcraft underlies everything. In the beginning of the play many people didn't even have suspicion of witches. Though the idea there were witches living within a community ate away at the people until people died. ...read more.


Also everybody in the village believes in The Woman in Black and her terrible curse, this means all the characters would be on edge. In conclusion, I think our drama performance went well, our preparation could have been better but we all had different school activities on, which made it hard to rehearse. Near to the end of our rehearsals we threw one member of our cast out. This put us at a disadvantage but meant we worked better as a group in the end as we were all striving for a common goal. Our original ideas included; Bullying and the consequences of bullying, Relationships, and problems that could never be solved. We decided to work on the events leading up to an unnecessary death. ...read more.

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