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Drama piece using different extracts from other plays and social references from television programmes

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Drama essay one part two In our drama piece we are using different extract from other plays and social references from television programmes. We have also used song lyrics, which fitted the mood and context of the piece to inspire us and add to the drama. The portrayal in books and film has helped us to build up our characters and to see the reactions from the different times in which book like 'The cement garden' and films such as 'Girl, interrupted' are set. We used an extract of Macbeth's which we adapted to fit the performance using Lady Macbeth and the doctors lines, symbolising the problems as well as the cure all represented within one character shows the personality of the character, ie that she is self-aware, and tries to solve her own problems. ...read more.


In The Crucible the style is quite different to our piece as there are much more main characters in The Crucible, but also similar because of the two female and one male relationship in both pieces. The Brother in our piece is similar to John Proctor, as they both have two love interests and choose the 'right' person. The Crucible is also set in early America, very different to our modern piece. The cultures at the time of The Crucible portray stereotypical views of young women and relationships and would look down on anything different. This is displayed within our performance with the brother being ashamed of himself for loving his sister; Proctor is also ashamed of his feelings for Abigail. We used songs with lyrics that fitted the mood and context of the scene and looked at the way incest is portrayed on television. ...read more.


For the brother his image to others was more important than his love, but for the sister her love was the most important. It also shows how the concern of one person about their image and the effect this has on people around them. The stereotypical roles of sister and brother are changed within our play to provoke an audience reaction and make them think about the themes within our play. This is represented within the female lead not wanting to ask for help and trying to solve her own problems, and the lead males attitude to continue a normal life. Our piece was affected by different mediums, which influenced the style of the performance, music, subject and mood. We researched various plays, films, book and music to find the right way of portraying this particular subject and giving it a certain mood. Gemma Bridgman ...read more.

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