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Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls

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Essay This book "The Inspector calls" is a gripping drama written by J.B Priesly, it deals with the many problems in the world from famine, how minorities were treated and the underclass people. It also shows Priesly's view on the homeless and the poor. He served in the first world war and believed that the world should of learned from it's mistakes but as it turns out it did not and that angered him. So after the Second World War he wrote the book "Inspector calls". This book uses the device of dramatic irany to portray his characters as not so clever and somewhat fools. It also has a lot of twist's and turns and cliff hangers. The reason this book is successful good on stage is that Priesly has a good use of mystery and suspense in the book. ...read more.


The play also uses dramatic irany well. For example when Mrs Birlin said "The father should be responsible for the baby" or when Mr Birlin says "The Titanic..... absolutely unsinkable". Priesly uses dramatic irany to make the readers or the audience laugh and portray the characters as dim witted. Some more of the devices that made the play successful on stage are the cliff hangers at the end of the scenes or the acts are successful and entertaining. Some of the better cliff hangers that seemed good are when at the end of the scene the Inspector is telling everyone that they indeed had some part to play in the death of Eva Smith. The reason it's so effective is that it's a clever cliff hanger that seems to keep people hooked on what the family members have to do with the murder. ...read more.


But about ten minute's later they get a phone call saying that a girl named Eva Smith has just committed suicide and that and Inspector will be round momentarily to question them. There is a strong message in the book which mean's that were are all responsible for each other's action's The Inspector say's this to tell the characters that if effect someone in anyway it will come back to haunt you. This book has an overall good use of devices such as the time zones, cliff hangers to keep you reading; twist's that keep you wondering of what is going to happen next and has a strong message or theme that teaches you not to hurt somebody and to not abuse people. There is also the use of dramatic irany that makes the play more humorous and enjoyable to read. ...read more.

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