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dramatic impact of romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5

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Romeo & Juliet Directors' points of view. The mood in the theatre starts of happy and romantic as Romeo and Juliet are holding each other close. There is a sudden change of atmosphere in the theatre as the time has come for Romeo and Juliet to say good bye to one another, as Romeo climbs down in to the audience Juliet is left alone, as she waves a tear rolls down her face and she drops to the floor crying. Juliet is in the middle of the stage to represent her vulnerability and metaphoric for her open wounds. It's clear to the audience how heart broken she is at the fact of never seeing her husband ever again. Juliet makes her way over to where Romeo left and crawls up into a ball crying. At this moment I'm hoping for the audience to emphasise with her and feel sad and to recognise the sudden change in atmosphere. Juliet moment of sadness is shattered as her mother (Lady Capulet) ...read more.


he shall not make me there a joyful bride!" Lady c. looks as if the say something but then flinches at the sound of Capulet coming. She sternly looks at Juliet and shakes her head they both brush down, Lady c. quite clearly putting on a false smile as Juliet looks down wiping away tears from her face. Capulet marches in, bringing tension and a bad aura. At this point I'm aiming for the audience to be at the edge of their seats. Lady c. soon says "I wish her dead" her own daughter. The audience will be stunned. Juliet cries whilst still Capulet showing no emotion, he then says "Soft! Take me with you, take me with you wife. How! Will she none? Doth she not give us thanks? Is she not proud? Doth she not count her blest, unworthy as she is, that we wrought so worthy a gentleman to be her bridegroom!" ...read more.


Juliet is laid on the floor sobbing her heart out in centre stage, all eyes on her. She looks up and reaches for the nurse pulling her down holding her tightly. The nurse says nothing she just holds her back wiping away Juliet tears, shaking her head. Juliet pleads the nurse for help but all the nurse does is agree with Juliet parents. Was it partly her fault for allowing Romeo and Juliet to get married and cover for them, does she think its all her fault, must she do right by the Capulet family. The tension has gone down in the theatre but the sadness is at its highest, the nurse leaves Juliet on her own, with no-one at all to turn to. She stands up and walks away sobbing, then collapses in the floor back of the stage, the audience will wonder what has happened, is she ok? The she sits up holding herself showing her complete isolation and loneliness. ...read more.

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