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Dream Job Speech

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English Speech - Dream Job To act, or not to act? That is the question. Well, hopefully after this presentation the answer will be 'to act'. Here are a few reasons why I, [NAME HERE], feel the answer to the previous question should be, to act; and why I should get the position of drama teacher at this school. Well, for starters, I feel I would be able to bring something new to the table, If you employ me. I assure you I am full of great, interesting and unique ideas that I want to share. For example when I was at college, studying film & media, I had to come up with lots of interesting ideas to base my films on. I also feel that I have a different teaching style to most teachers you will see now-a-days. Also, there will be no one you see today that is as Focused, Responsible and Dedicated to succeed in this field as I am. ...read more.


organise the smooth running of the productions there and starring in some of the major roles they had to offer, Acting in some recent TV advertisements such as: Sprite, Samsung and Toyota. The director of the Samsung adverts said I was one of the fastest people to pick up the script, and instantly know what he wanted me to do. Also I have acted in some short films, some for College and some just for experience. Here is a clip of a short film, which I played the lead role in when I was a child. Some of my Personal Qualities that I feel will help me to succeed are: Ambition; without this I don't think I would be where I am today. This will also help to get to the top in this field as it is required to succeed in any profession. For me I know they sky really is the limit. ...read more.


Confidence; this is possibly the most important personal quality that I have. As without confidence, you can't be a good teacher as you won't be able to connect with your students. I believe that I have the confidence to be able to teach the student's as much as they can learn. To me acting is not just a job. It is my passion, what I really, really want to do. Money doesn't matter as long as I'm doing what I love to do, and that thing is teaching drama. Once, when I was working at King George's Hall, I worked every day for 2 weeks straight, even though I was only being paid for 5 days out of the week to make sure nothing went wrong with our production of Jack and the Beanstalk. So, to summarise, why do I think I deserve this job? Because I am a skilled Actor, a Loyal and Passionate person and I know if you hire me you will not be disappointed. ...read more.

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