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Dream or scream

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The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close a drowsy silence lay over the small houses in Forest Gate. Cars that were usually gleaming stood dusty in their and lawns, deprived of their usual car washes. The inhabitants of forest gate lay in their houses in the shade, windows thrown wide open in the hope of getting a non-existent breeze. I awoke suddenly full of adrenaline, I rose in my bed so fast that I did not see the wall above me, my head hit the wall so hard that it was like I was hit with a hammer over the head. A few seconds later I got up with my face all screwed up in my hands, where I had hit my head on the wall hard. I slowly opened my eyes then walked over to the mirror, where I looked inside thinking of why I had woken so early, eager for that day to come; I had waited a whole century for this moment to come. I turned left and looked desperately out of my window. It was like the day was painted all over again, the grass in my backyard sun-bleached with brightness. Whilst I stood there gazing out of the window engaged in deep thought of why my enthusiasm grew within me. ...read more.


As I looked back waving, I felt as though this was happening too soon and an odd sensation that I was dreaming drifted within me. The next thing I realised was that I was being ushered through the passage way, my mind was in a limbo; soon I could hear a women next to me. I could hear faint sounds coming out of her mouth (my mind was still yet somewhere else), the words became more and more clearly, "hurry up dear, you'll miss your flight, c'mon boy", I finally was back, I hesitated for a second then I began to sprint along the corridor as fast as I could. At the end was a massive muscular metallic door wide open with a man beside it waiting for me. The room I was placed in was compact and bold. The seat I was positioned in was single; it was equipped with a television and remote that I could move freely and the seat itself I could move forwards, backwards, left or right, but obviously I could only move it to a certain extent. I was placed in the closest corner on the right only inches away from the window. When I looked back I could just make out the right wing of the aeroplane. A half hour later the plane was running up the runaway, unusually, even though I have never experienced the feeling of being in an aeroplane, it felt casual or normal. ...read more.


I took a deep breath held it for a second then raised my voice shaking with anger, I bellowed "can someone please tell me what is going on, and what are you hiding from me" (this was all said in Gujarati, Indian language). Most of them looked at each other exchanging looks except for my grandmother she looked at me as though I had just let out foul language, she slowly turned her head right, facing the window, she let out a vulgar cough sound then I could have sworn I had seen a tear drop fall from her chin to the dusty floor of the car. Through out the rest of the journey I felt a strong chill run down my spine several times. I had then finally reached there it was a small town with several small buildings, only one building seemed to be painted properly and had a sign dangling from just above the wide double-door entrance. I could not help but question myself, the suspense had been killing me, then when I entered I had wished I never stepped into that building, and suddenly thought that I would have been better of not knowing what I was just about to find out in a few minuets time. As I entered the building I heard screams and saw trails of blood on the entrance floor, which ended just a few centimetres away. ...read more.

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