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Dream Team - Media Analysis

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Firstly, I must state that I question the fact that Dream Team appeals to a wider audience at all. The audience, which Dream Team draws in, is not that wide or varied at all. The soap appeals to an audience mainly consisting of young people from the ages of 11 to 30 years of age at most. It would be very unlikely to find middle age or older women and men watching the soap. These types would rather watch the more traditional soaps that are on offer such as Coronation Street or EastEnders. This is mainly due to the football and "laddish" overtones in Dream Team. The audience, which it does appeal to, mainly consists of the male section of society, although many young girls would watch it too. It attracts young men and boys due to its football content. These types of audience watch it because they would like to aspire to what the characters in Dream Team have, or the lifestyle that they lead. For example, the expensive fast cars the footballers own, the young attractive women they are surrounded by and also the huge amount of money at their disposal all appeal to the male audience. ...read more.


Then there are the ridiculous and almost farcical storylines such as the time when one of the team players bought a baby for �10,000. Although most soaps have these types of storylines as well, Dream Team has a significant lack of depth when covering these storylines which leads me to believe that it caters for the "lads mags" generation and can be seen as lowbrow. Dream Team does comply with basic soap conventions however; it subverts the genre by varying these conventions or conforming to them in a less conventional way. Dream Team is a serial with never ending interwoven storylines. It has different stories with different levels of importance and seriousness, it does in a way focus on a community and it does use contempory music of the time period, which it is set in. All these are soap conventions that it abides by. However, the community that Dream Team focuses on is not a regular community. It is a "football" community consisting of a football club. Dream Team lacks the "gritty realism" found within British soaps. ...read more.


The music seems to carry the emotions within the soap more than the actual acting does because it is not of such high quality. Examples of this can be found when sad music is used for sad times forsaking dialect, which might subtract the sentiment of a particular scene. Some times these methods of making the soap can work against it and can make it look less real. The audience might be so used good acting that they can tell where music is being used to substitute for poor acting. Also when real football footage is integrated within the soap when the team is playing, the quality of the footage is different and not consistent so by this the soap makers are involuntarily highlighting the fact that it is not a real match. I can conclude that the ways in which the makers of Dream Team have subverted the genre does not appeal to a wider audience at all but to a niche/selective audience. Dream Team is quite limited, its focus is on football mainly and all other aspects of the soap revolve around this. Therefore Dream Team is quite limited in its appeal and a "wider audience" will not be viewing the soap. ...read more.

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