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Dreams and the dangers of boredom.

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´╗┐The sun illuminating the scenery. The world feels freshly laundered. The dreamscape takes on the sumptuous colours; deep blue sky, drifting clouds were as white as bedsheets --- almost as if I could sleep in them. The whole landscape was soaked in a hundred shades of green. No words could describe how splendid I felt. Suddenly the dreamscape felt cold. The white clouds turned grey in colour. There was a sudden growl that was more louder than the thunder. The gleaming yellow slit eyes were staring at directly at me with killing intent. The monster leaped, land on me. I was paralysed in fear. Its first was aimed at my chest where my most vital organ is held- my heart. ...read more.


Ring! The school bell had rung. It was time for Pepy and I to head back to the classroom as recess was over. My legs were tired. It was as if what had happened in my dream were real. ?Thanks a bunch Rory! I can?t thank you enough,? Pepy express his gratitude to me,? You looked worn out. What happened? ? I told him what had happened in my dream. Asking me about the dream was the worst thing Pepy had ever done. I was coincidental that the next lesson was history. The history teacher?s teaching was very dull. Before I know it, his monotonous voice lulled me to sleep. It looks like I had landed on the same dreamscape. ...read more.


Bang! It was the noise that got me out of this mess. My smile did not stay for long as a sudden realization hit me. I was still in the dreamscape. I turn around to see Pepy lie down motionless. I knew that he perish when there was a hole in his body that was once occupied by his heart. My heart raced in fear as my eyes darts around the morbid scene in search for the monster. I sense a strange presence behind me. A sudden realization hit me as my head turn around slowly. Before long, I was staring directly into the eyes of the monster. The next day, there was an unusual title that appeared on the newspaper the next day: Two students were bored to death by History was the front cover on the newspaper. ...read more.

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