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Dreams in "of Mice and Men".

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Dreams in "of Mice and Men" Dreams are a frequently discussed topic throughout this novel and they help to define the characters personalities. George and Lennie's dream is the most commonly mentioned in the novel, they want to live the American dream and have their own land and home. Although Crooks tells them he "never seen a guy really do it" their determination is beyond that of normal men. They crave the freedom from ordered working life and less responsibility. George desires the relief from the burden of supervising Lennie, on the ranch he constantly has to watch him to ensure he is no danger to himself or others. ...read more.


Candy is desperate to join in with Lennie and George and their dreams have become his. Since his dog died he has nothing left on the ranch to encourage dreams and he seems to have given up, the chance to be part of a reasonably realistic project motivates him again and he is willing to give everything to be part of it, "I'd make a will an' leave everything to you guys case I kick off." All of Candy's dreams seem to have be worn away by life on the ranch, the loss of his hand also seems to symbolise a large loss mentally for without his hand he cannot realistically dream of working his own land and living alone. ...read more.


Her conversation with Lennie reveals her desperation to make this dream come true, she hangs onto the man who could put her in "pitchers", so sure he did write to her and someone else ruined her dream. It is these fantasies she uses to escape her life which is heavily restricted by her husband who wants to control her to comply with his own dreams, she wishes to be free to fulfil the life she desires. Her way of telling the story of her dream is almost sad as she clings to any glimpse of it so desperately it is clear how unhappy she is. All the dreams expressed by these characters are what drive them in the novel and can determine how they express their feelings and how they act. Niki Holdsworth ...read more.

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