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Dreams in Of Mice and Men

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Dreams 4: The ideal world presented by Crooks also reflects childhood. His father had a chicken ranch full of white chickens, a berry patch, and alfalfa. He and his brothers would sit and watch the chickens. Companionship and plentiful food are both parts of Crooks' dream. Dreams 5: Curley's wife has a dream that although different in detail from the other's dreams, is still very similar in its general desires. She wants companionship so much that she will try to talk to people who don't want to talk to her, like all the men on the ranch. Unsatisfied by her surly husband, she constantly lurks around the barn, trying to engage the workers in conversation. ...read more.


However Candy and Whit see her as a 'tart' and 'jail-bait' and she's always giving the 'eye'. Even Curly doesn't notice her; he still goes out to the 'cat houses' with the other ranch workers, instead of staying with his wife. She seems to be hurt by this, she says. "Think I don't know where they all went? Even Curley. I know where they all went." Curley's wife's dream is to be a star, when she was young, she was asked to go on a show, but her mother wouldn't let her. Film work was one of the few types of work you could get as a woman, it was every girls dream, but it was often only a scam to take advantage of young women. ...read more.


Curley's wife dreamt of being a movie star and regrets marrying Curley. Having encountered an actor when she was fifteen, she was told that she was a natural in acting, but her mother forbade her to pursue her dream. On the same night that she met another actor, she met Curley. When no letter came from the actor, she marries Curley. However, she has always wanted to make some achievements and loved attention. She constantly wandered around looking for trouble. When she was killed by Lennie, she was not able to go after her dream anymore. Lennie, Candy, and Curley's wife were not capable of having their dreams come true, but were full of hope. A problem got into each of their way, which they have not the power to solve. They have shown how big dreams often cause tragedies, and are unrealistic. ...read more.

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