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Dreams of "How I Met My Husband".

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Dreams of "How I Met My Husband" Dreams seem to be a part of everyday life. People wish to be someone better than themselves or wish for something that is out of their reach or beyond their control. A hired girl dreaming of the life of her employer is a perfectly normal thing. And that same girl dreaming of a love is just as normal. However, in reality of the situation, these things are not true. Whether it is a dream of love or a dream of life, it is still a dream. Working for the Peebles' was almost like living in a dream, a new life. Edie could bathe more often once she moved in with the Peebles'. "I had a bath in there once a week. They wouldn't have minded if I took one oftener..." (para 27). The Peebles' also owned a washing machine. This was something new to Edie. "Mrs. Peebles had an automatic washer and dryer, the first I ever saw" (para 24). She was used to having to wring out her clothes and hang them up. These are two things that she could have dreamed about and now has the opportunity to experience them in real life. ...read more.


Later in the story, Edie goes to visit Chris while the Peebles' are gone. Between this visit and their first encounter, Edie discovers that Chris has a fianc�e. When she asks Chris if he is going to get married, he almost avoids the question. "'Ha ha. What time did you say they would be back?" "Five o'clock." "Well, by that time, this place will have seen the last of me. A plane can get further than a car'" (para 136 - 138). He is refusing to acknowledge the reality of the situation about the fact that he is to be married. He instead wishes to continue to live in a dream world with no worries. He then proceeds to tell Edie that he needs a long time to say good bye to her, not thinking of his fianc�e at all. Chris's fianc�e wants to get married and does not know how Chris feels. She chases him around as he goes from town to town giving rides in his plane. His comment to Alice, his fianc�e, when he sees her at the Peebles' home is "You're going to spend a lot on gas that way (para 114.)" ...read more.


he used to holler out the car window" (para 196). Edie would wait by the mailbox every day for the letter that she finally realized would never come. It is at this point in the story that Edie "wakes up" and sees reality as it is. Eventually, the mailman and Edie get married. He always thought that she was waiting for him by the mailbox, not a letter, and that the smile was for him. In reality, the mailman is someone that a girl of Edie's status is more likely to be with. Her infatuation of Chris was like a dream. Though the text never says that Edie loves the mailman, I think she does. She lets him believe that her smile was for him; she lets him believe in his dream. If she didn't care for him, I think she would have told him the truth. This story revolves around dreams. Edie has many dreams throughout the text before she realizes the reality of life. The dreams are important to her because they help her get through life. Dreams are important in everyone's lives because they help people realize what they want out of life. Edie dreams of love because it is something she wants. Without that dream, she would not have met her husband. Without her dreams, she would not have seen life for what it is. ...read more.

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